Why some animals eat their young

Posted by Felicia on 10:09 AM
No one ever said parenting would be easy. No one ever said parenting mostly by yourself would be as hard or as rewarding as it is. Wait...what reward? A trophy? A free vacation to some tropical islands? Nyet! The reward doesn't come until much later. When they are grown. And have they're own spawn to parent, and they give them a hard time. Then the rewards come. Things like payback, and gratitude...for not killing them when they were young.
I had to call my mother and apologize for being heinous when I was a kid. She laughed.
"Hey mom? I'm sorry if I ever gave you a hard time when I was a kid."
She laughs. "What did he do?"
"He's pretty lucky I didn't decide to sell him on the black market to a sweatshop in Honduras. Was I ever that bad?"
"Yes. And in fact I did sell you one time, but they brought you back."
"Ha ha...funny. Don't quit your day job."
"You had your moments. I just made sure to pass on the mother's curse. The...I hope you have kids that act just the way YOU do! It doesn't have immediate results, but it eventually pays back two-fold."
"Great. I have to wait at least 25 years for this?"
"Sucks to be you."

The boy had a meltdown of all meltdowns recently, and it took every ounce of my willpower to not put him on the curb with a for sale sign on him. Now normally he is a dramatic person anyways, but this time he was bucking for best dramatic actor. And all of it started over me telling him to go outside and get some fresh air for 30 min. Heaven forbid! He balked, he cried, he screamed and yelled. He said "You can't just boss me around like this!" Uh what? I suddenly thought of Bill Cosby's special where he says, " I brought you into this world, I'll take you out." Needless to say he got in some major trouble, and the day did not end well. It pretty much ended with me being dubbed the Meanest mom in the world. And I mean it!!
Then I have mornings like today where he wakes up and does everything he is supposed to without prompting, without tears, and even manages to smile and be happy despite his anti-morning personal philosophy.
I look at my alarm clock and it reads 6:50am. No sounds in the house.
"Are you awake?" I call out.
"I'm brushing my teeth"
"Cool! Rock on!"and I hit the snooze button again.
I finally get out of bed, and he is ready to go to school. All by himself.
"Have a good day sweetie."
He heads out the door, and flashes me his megawatt smile. " I love you mom. Have a good day too."
Ok...so I may not get the reward of gloating for another 25 years, but I have that. I have the love of that little boy. I think I'll keep him. For now.



I always enjoy reading your blog.

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