Boxers or Briefs

Posted by Felicia on 11:21 AM
Boxers or Briefs? Not a terrible subject to speak of...unless it is your boss discussing this little conversational tidbit as he prepares to go to the doctor. I had to endure an embarrassing 5 min conversation on why he wanted to wear boxers to the doctor's office, and what he was wearing just then. Ummm....ewww Please excuse me as I need to make my ears stop bleeding and erase that visual from my memory.



Disturbing, indeed.

oh my gosh! i don't know what i would do...

Oh boy! Wait until you read about my office Christmas Party. It involved lot's of alcohol and some very free spirited people, which resulted in more than one awkward moment. I haven't got around to posting it yet, but there are some things you just don't want to know about your coworkers.

From Here to There

This boss thing seems like a slippery slope. I'm concerned. Boundaries, people! Why don't some understand

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