Christmas Spirit

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Thank you to everyone who gave me their input on the photos. It is greatly appreciated. You made the decision easier, and just enforced my son's own opinion to the point where he now struts around the house saying "uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, I'm the man". Whatever. Let's see him tackle 10 loads of laundry and the dishes. Then we'll talk "man".

We have been busy here at Casa Loco these past few weeks what with the cold, the ex b/f issue, and decorating the house for the present season. I love this season. It evokes so many happy memories for me and I really try to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and less on the superficial aspects. I just soak it in; the music, the lights, smells, sounds, and events that take place. Speaking of events...

For the past few years we have headed up to Franklin, Tennessee on the 2nd weekend in December for their annual Dickens of a Christmas. The historic downtown area features period buildings that are decorated and there are several vendors selling their arts & crafts, people selling roasted chestnuts, and sugarplums! SUGARPLUMS! How cool is that? Except..(they don't taste like I expected them to.) Oh well.
So the residents of Franklin wear period costumes from the 1800s and walk around and sing and dance. They have a Scrooge, Marley(in white dust and chains), and a Father Christmas walking around as well. It is sooooo much fun.

Look! Pickpockets! HEHE

Oh, and what's just cool about Franklin period is that The Battle of Franklin was fought here during the Civil War and was historically the bloodiest 5 hours of the entire war. Wow! Google it. AMAZING! This city is just alive with history. Color me happy.

AND...AND....15 min away is a little itty bitty town called Leipers Fork. It too is just as cute as little towns come, and they are having a parade there, and their Grand Marshall is none other than Naomi Judd. AWESOME! I love the south! *sigh* This is what puts me in the Christmas spirit.

So what traditions do you and your family do to put you in the Christmas spirit?



So what do sugarplums taste like? Do you have visions of them dancing in your head?

We don't have any traditions outside of the normal stuff...there aren't any quaint little towns around here. But I do love getting the tree out the day after or on Thanksgiving (I do fake trees in AZ - too dry), and going through all of the ornaments. We also have hot chocolate on the cooler nights (meaning, the nights that it dips below 70!), and I'll sometimes spice mine up with peppermint schnapps. Yeah, that puts me in the holiday mood all right.

From Here to There

How fun!

Sadly, we have no real family holiday traditions.

Sugarplums taste like bad fruitcake, and fruitcake is already not high on my list of tasty foods so this little piece of nostalgia will stay just that. But I guess in context back in those days they didn't have a whole lot of candy so this was probably just HEAVEN...just SUGARPLUMS if you will....lol

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