Holiday picture-Help me choose!

Posted by Felicia on 6:17 PM
Ok peoples...I need your help. I am trying to choose a picture for our Christmas cards and I have it narrowed down to 3. Please help me choose! Which one do you like best?




And thank you in advance. You are wonderful!



they're all really cute, but i vote for c. i like your smiles the best in that one.

I like the last one, too. :)

They are all cute, but I think I'll go with C.

Gah! I'm trying to figure out the same thing for myself. You know, first Christmas and all. No pressure.

I think they're all cute, but I'm going to make it unanimous, I vote C.
Gosh, the two of you are so darn cute!

oh...uh...i was gonna say "b" but..."c" is very cute too.

sorry, gotta throw a wrench in there, don't i?

go with c.

i'm going to go with "b" because your son's head tilt is so cute. they all look good, though!

I like the last one. You can really tell you are Mother and son! Very precious.

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I vote b, but c is good too.

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