It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...in my house!

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I've been a bad blogger. For some reason I am just exhausted lately and I can't seem to get anything done or motivate myself to do anything beyond work and sleep. I guess I have a case of the blahs. Anyone else get like that? Well in any case, I have been getting into the christmas spirit by decorating and only because I was coerced by my son who begged, and pleaded, and whined, and cried, and told me he would put me in a nursing home at the first sign of dementia. ok, he didn't do that last part, but I wouldn't put it past him someday. Haha
So in the spirit of Christmas I bought our tree and we commenced with the decorating. And let me tell you, it's a beauty. The boy picked it out, and it just happened to be the first tree we saw. We were in and out of Lowe's in 10 min. SUHWEET! He was completely excited and loved strapping it down to the luggage rack on top of our car. "Let me help! I can do it!" So we strapped it down and got it home. We spent the next hour decorating and listening to Christmas music where we made up our own lyrics and became hysterical and discussed the proper technique for hanging plastic icicles so that our cats wouldn't grab them off the tree and use them as lightsabers.
Speaking of cats I was worried that our tree would end up on the floor or that every ornament would be considered a toy and thus promptly pawed off the branches, but...BUT...the cats have been GOOD. They have accepted the tree into the family and have thus far been respectful. Score one for the kitties. Awesome.
So tell me..what is your favorite ornament? For me it is my Tinkerbell tree topper I got several years before. It's so me. I love it! So here are some pics of the tree in all its glory. I love Christmas!

Notice Daisy Faye sitting by the tree and the presents. I like to think she is guarding it from 9 yr old present peekers.



did you sing "mark the hairy angel sings"? how about "oreos in excelsior dayglo" those are two of my favorites.

I love your tree. Yeah, I've kinda had the blahs this year too. Not withstanding my circumstances. I think I'm just tired and it takes too much energy to get into the spirit. But since this past weekend, (thanks to the snow) I'm really looking forward to Xmas.

About the cats. One of mine likes to climb the trunk and sit on one of the branches. Cats. Strange beasts.

Hehe..you guys make me laugh. I love y'all.

I luuurve Tinkerbell! My son thinks Tinkerbell represents me, so I might have to get us something like that!

Oh boy! Wait until you read about my office Christmas Party. It involved lot's of alcohol and some very free spirited people, which resulted in more than one awkward moment. I haven't got around to posting it yet, but there are some things you just don't want to know about your coworkers.

From Here to There

Umm, I have no idea why it just posted some of my last comment below this comment. Looks like the comment issues are still a little buggy on blogger.

I'm glad your cats are good. I just posted about mine. AY!

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