No *bread* for Christmas

Posted by Felicia on 12:19 PM
Here is a simple way to know you're not getting a bonus this Christmas.

I hand the boss an expensive, engraved nameplate for his desk. Silver & Mahogany. Yeah, it totally rocks.

Him: "Wow! Thank you. That is gorgeous. No one I have worked with has ever given me anything that nice before."

Me: *beaming* "I'm glad you like it. I knew you needed one."

Him: "I guess I need to get you something!"

Me: Well...back to work! *sigh*



I think I've said this before but I don't think I approve of said boss.

Umm yeah. Not that I'm being greedy or anything, but it kind of burns when you show your appreciation for your boss, but he doesn't reciprocate. And I'm really talking about myself here. Not that I bought my boss a gift this year, but he didn't so much as say Merry Christmas to any of his employees. Meanwhile we watched another boss take his employees out to lunch today and then let them go home afterwards.

Oops, sorry, didn't mean to turn that into my own personal rant.

* Surprise ending*
His father-in-law called him up to discuss business and probably mentioned lik3 2-3 times that he was really lucky to have me. When I got my paycheck he added half a week's salary to it as a bonus. I guess he had his eyes opened about appreciation? lol

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