Slippery slope

Posted by Felicia on 5:36 AM
I have officially hit a new low in being a mom. I wore a bathrobe in the car when I dropped my child off at school this morning. But in my defense I...I...crap. I have no defense. My defense couldn't get out of a parking ticket dammit. It felt too good to get out of, and I'm ok with it. That soccer mom mentality is a slippery slope I tell ya. Don't let it happen to you.



you did not! that is hilarious... when i was in high school, my mom used to beg me to drive my brother to school when she had mornings like that. you are too funny...

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There are days where you just gotta do what ya gotta do.

Hey, a bathrobe is better than some of the crap I go out in. Did it have the polka-dots too? Because that's a really cute robe. I have a really soft white one I got from Bath and Body works after Christmas last year that was 75% off. It was originally like $90 or some ridiculous amount. If it weren't so short I'd probably drop my son off at daycare in it and wear it all day at work. :P

Natalie-No polka dots. Its just baby blue but I got it at Old Navy and it's like wearing the softest blanket ever. So if I were to have a defense it would be " I was being a HEDONIST!" lol
FE- I'm scared...lol
LW- I wish I had someone else to drive him for mornings like that because pretty soon he will be aware of what I'm wearing and then he will emancipate himself from me and never, ever buy a robe for his wife, ever! lol

Merry Christmas Felicia!! I hope you and your son have a wonderful holiday. Go on, wear that bathrobe with pride.

GASP! As long as you didn't get OUT of the car...

you are my role model. i want to be just like you when i grow up.

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