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My lack of blogging has been due to a semi-sick child milking it for all its worth. He is already resembling an adult male in terms of neediness and whining, and the feeling that the world is going to cave in on itself because the hot chocolate is just not the right temperature MOM! Just for good measure I spiked it with brandy to knock him out for awhile. I kid, I kid! It was Frangelico because its all I had. A joke! A joke! Anyway, he is better and will DEFINITELY be going back to school tomorrow. *Just added this hilarious video that fits so well here. Courtesy of Rachel

Speaking of needy males,the other day when I got a call from the school to pick up the sick boy my ex-b/f decides to show up out of the blue at my OFFICE just as I was packing up my stuff to leave to go get him. He nervously explained to my boss that he was a friend of mine and that he was here to see me. Then he repeated it again. Wierd much? I asked him what he was doing here and he went on to ask me if I would run his driving record to make sure he had no tickets because he needed to get his Alabama state driver's license. He's got balls. Not big ones~literally~(overshare...lol) The whole "I don't think we can be friend's anymore" thing and he wants a favor?? Damn.
So I'm running his driving record and seething. I'm so passive-agressive. I hate that about me.



Hee hee! Sick men remided me of THIS, aka, the funniest thing ever!


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Hope the boy is all better now! They learn early, don't they? The needy thing. As for the other needy one, don't look at it as passive/agreesive. Look at it as you were a big enough person to overlook your feelings about him and do a nice thing for someone who asked a favor of you.

BTW: Did it reveal anything you didn't know about him?!! LOL

Hahaha, this made me laugh. Poor sickee, hope he's feeling much better. What is it with this time of year? Everywhere you go, be it the blog world or IRL, EVERYONE is sick. Can't wait for summer dammit.

I hope the boy is feeling better. for the record, I milked my illness too. I felt i deserved some attention :).

The nerve of the dude. I agree, just means you are a bigger person and did something nice for someone.

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