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I have been trying to get out with friends more lately so as not to fit the rumors being circulated about me being a hermit, and children whispering about the crazy lady who shoos kids off of her porch and throws raisins at them when their backs are turned. Ok. That's not true. I throw rocks. I kid! I kid! But the truth is I decided I needed to be more than just mom 24/7 and so I have been making playdates(hehehe) with MY friends so I can keep my sanity intact.
This found me with plans to hang out with my fabulous friend Rachel who ALWAYS makes me laugh and is a pleasure seeker like me. We made plans to go to the newest hot spot here in Huntsville which is Monaco Pictures. The theater is in a word AWESOME! It is sleek and modern. It boasts comfortable seating in the main theaters, and luxury leather seating in the 21 & over VIP section upstairs. It has a small restaurant called Scene that serves the yummiest appetizers and drinks. We shared Calamari, Thai BBQ Shrimp dumplings, Hummus, and Sweet Potato fries while drinking mojitos followed by some excellent Belgian Draft beer.It sounds like a lot but they are small appetizer sizes so we we able to try more. Most excellent. You can eat there or take it upstairs to the VIP section and eat it in the theater if you purchased a VIP ticket. At $12 for a VIP ticket it is worth the money. The VIP section also has a wine tasting area as well as a full bar. It is supremo. We laughed, we guffawed, we ate and drank heartily.
After our culinary adventures we headed to our theater to see Juno. If you have not yet seen this gem of a movie please go now. No, NOW. It was fantastic! The movie was quirky, bittersweet, funny, and unique. The title character is going to be a star. And I know this guy is jailbait, but Micheal Cera(Superbad)is too cute not to love. I love the geeks.
From what I hear this is the first Monaco Pictures. They picked our town to see how well it does. From what I saw and experienced here they have a bright future ahead of them. This is one place I will be headed to more often; because momma needs some fun. Oh yeah...note to self * get raisins*.



Me want to see many movies :(

The Monaco sounds like our Arclight. This is how movies should be viewed, whilst imbibing a fair drink.

Nah, skip the raisins, try prunes!

Awww, that sounds like fun!

WOW! I'm so jealous of your theater. I don't think we have anything like that around these parts.

When I lived in Germany, we used to go to this theater in the Netherlands (close by) that had different price sections. It was like $10 for VIP (cooshiest seats), but no bar. They even had an intermission which I think should be implemented here.

But the bar part of it? I'm sold. Where is this again? Hehehe.

Monaco Pictures sounds AMAZING! It's about time something like that was created. I'm glad to read that you were able to get out and have some fun. Sometimes, there's nothing more rejuvinating from everyday life than heading out with girlfriends.

PS. I'm new to your blog (via Natalie @ From Here To There)

PPS. Your son is gorgeous. A future heartbreaker!!!

Yes! I AM fabulous! ;) That really was such a fun night. Good food, good flick, good friend. What more can one ask?

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