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I had a revelation! No it has nothing to do with Britney Spears. But damn that girl needs medical help. Ok, where was I? Right! A revelation. Last night a miracle occurred; not the one where I win the lottery despite never buying a ticket, but just as mind boggling. I kept the TV off last night. *gasp* OFF you guys! That's major, and before you start thinking I'm a couch potato I will explain.
The tv is on every night after 7pm whether I sit down and watch it or not either due to my son watching a program before bed or for the background noise. Of course it never just stays background noise because inevitably you hear or see something that catches your attention and before you know it you've watched a 3 hour marathon of I Love Lucy! That was just *ahem* an example to illustrate my point because come on....who watches a marathon of Lucy. *Shut up she's awesome* Anyway, the tv does not come on before 7pm (house rule)and last night I started doing some things around the house and the boy was finishing up homework, and before I knew it it was 9pm and I had gotten a TON of things done. I was on fire. Load of laundry? check! Sew a hole in a sweater? check! Dishes? check! Put away all Christmas related decorations? check! Vacuum? check! check! because I did it twice...damn what the hell was all over my floor? Move furniture back to original position? check! So yeah! Go me! I was amazed at how much I accomplished when the TV stayed off. I will be trying that again. In fact, I will be UNPLUGGING for at least 2 hours a night where I do not answer phones, watch TV, play on the computer, or text anyone. I vow to be calmer and more productive. I vow to give my undivided attention to my son a little bit every night. I vow to not watch I Love Lucy marathons for 3 hours straight. *Shut up, she's hilarious! That redhead cracks me up*



Those vows sound fantastic! I find myself having to shut my laptop each night to get some real things done. It feels good knowing that my kids are played with and my house is in order before logging on and getting swamped by blog and internet land.

Yeah, with the writer's strike, I'm watching much less TV, which is turning out to be nice.

LOL HAven't we all been there

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