The first three letters in diet are DIE

Posted by Felicia on 8:53 AM
So I'm on day four of my new eating plan and I am feeling less like a raging byotch and more like myself since I gave up all non-vegetable carbs and sugar for what right now feels like eternity. I was experiencing the normal carb-restricted side-effects like headaches. My body essentially was like, Felicia!? What the hell woman? No bread? Are you friggin kidding me? Oh ok, if that's how you wanna play it...fine! Oh remember how you haven't been getting headaches lately? Yeah? Gone! And just see the shit we throw at you when (not if lady)you get sick. Be prepared! GIVE US CARBS DAMMIT!!!!! To which I retaliated by taking lots of Tylenol and telling my body to shut the hell up because we will be happier skinnier. And then I burped.

Basically my eating plan is a variation of Atkins but without all the saturated fats. So to me its healthier and you lose faster because your body is not processing all of that extra fat. When I was on it the first time I lost on average about 5 lbs a week, but I went on vacation and blew it and everything snowballed from there, but this time I want to stay on it. I have no vacations planned for a long time so I have no excuses.
The ultimate reason I picked this is because I have ZERO patience. I cannot be bothered to weigh and measure to count as many things as calories, fat, carbs, vitamins, etc... I have tried and I lose interest so fast its unbelievable. It would take nothing less than an act of God to change it. I need results and I need them fast to feel motivated to continue. That's just me. This eating plan(I refuse to say DIEt)gives me fast results as opposed to some others I have tried, and believe me when I say I have tried them all. This one is easy and it works...as long as I stick with it. I just have to make it through the first few days;those are the toughest. I want a piece of bread like a , well...like a fat woman wants a piece of bread. LOL Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Anyone else going through or have recently gone through similar circumstances? What helps you?



Ugh. Dieting. I'm with you. It's all about trying to make a lifestyle change and not CALL it a diet. For me, the big thing that helps is rewarding myself, but not with food. Like, if I lose five pounds, I can have a book or something. I'm trying to lose weight again, but it's tough. I'm just too hedonistic by nature! You wouldn't know anything about that, would you? ;)

kudos to you! I am just not having an success. Well, really I am not trying, AT ALL. I was so good last time I did this. hopefully I can change things soon. I look to you for inspiration. No pressure ;)

Rachel: Hedonistic? Me? Nooooooooooooooooo...ok well yes. Damn.

F.E.: I hope to provide you with some inspiration and hopefully some of that will sprinkle onto me. Wait...huh?

Been there, done that ... and STILL doing it! It's just all about pushing through ... after about 2 weeks my cravings usually diminish substantially. Not much help now, I know ... :(

Good luck!!

Were I to cut out carbs I would die. They are basically all I eat and I have to eat something. I just have to keep thinking: quantity, quantity, quantity.

I am "changing my eating habits" now, but it's WW not low-carb. I have to say that mostly, I just go as far away from the kitchen as possible whenever I'm home. Also, if it's in the house, I will eat it. I don't believe in will power.

Also, 5 lbs. a week?! DAMN! I wish...

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