It's rude. Yo.

Posted by Felicia on 8:28 AM
What's that saying,If the music's too loud you're too old? What if it's just the bass? Like bass that could probably restart your heart because you can feel it pressing against your chest. Yeah...that loud.
The other night we were sitting on the couch and I started to feel this weird vibrating in my chest and then thumping. I didn't think too much of it at the time and just ignored it. 9:00 rolls around and I put the boy to bed and his entire room is vibrating and thumping to the sounds of rap music with the bass apparently on +10 level. He started complaining about how he didn't like that feeling and he wouldn't be able to sleep. INDEED. So I did the mature thing. I banged on the wall. That'll let her know. Dummy..it's bass. The neigbor will probably just think it is part of the song. I tell the boy to try his best to ignore it because its after 9pm. How much longer could it last. Let me tell you. A long ass time. What the hell? I threw on my jacket and slippers and closed the door while listening to my son whining about how he couldn't sleep with that noise. I mosey over to the neighbor's house and knock on the door. All I hear is the bass coming through her front door. I knock again and I hear the words. "Oh it's that white girl from next door." Excuse me? The door opens and 2 women are standing there staring at me. I calmly tell them that the bass is so loud my son can't sleep and it's after 9pm and could they please turn it down. Thanks! They just stare at me before one of them rolls their head and eyes and says, "It ain't that loud." Oh really? You could defibrillate someone with that shit. And could we lose the attitude because you're the one in the wrong. "Could you please just turn it down?" I walk away and can feel them staring at me.
Hey, I like some rap. I'm down with different genres of music. I can "drop it like it's hot", but unless I'm at a club I don't want to be boom boxing in my condo at 9pm on a weeknight thank you very much. I'm sure they would be just as offended if I blared XANADU(Whatup Rachel!) over and over again until their ears bled.
The bass did not go off until after 10pm and by that time I had already had to haul the boy into my room to sleep because they were bound and determined to do whatever the hell they wanted. Ok. I can play it. I've been nice. Next time I go civil code on their asses and break out my legal speak. Yeah, that's right. Hello Occifer. Don't want nothin started, don't be startin nothin. Yo.



When we lived in Norfolk I swear it was a weekly ritual to tighten all the screws & bolts in our vehicles because of booming bass at stoplights.

At a stoplight one day, I actually got out of my vehicle, walked to the one in front of me, knocked on the window, they rolled it down, and I asked them in my most polite manner to please turn it down because my children were in the vehicle behind them and I didn't appreciate the latest education in vocabulary words from their music.

The approx 20 year old man, dressed as if "from the hood" (not to offend or sterotype please, only used to describe), apologized most sincerly and turned it down.

Unfortunately, manners and being polite does not work on all people. The sense of right and wrong is not inherent in all people. And common courtesy is FAR from a trait some people have even heard of, much less have.

Holly, you have some guts girl. lol
You are so right though. If more people just stopped to consider other people we might not have the problems we have. I was brought up with the Golden Rule-Treat others as you would want to be treated. Such a simple concept.

Where has common courtesy gone? What is wrong with asking someone to turn down their music? Why is that something that should be offensive? I would feel so bad if someone knocked on my door because I was being too loud. But then again, I was raised in MN and was instilled with Scandinavian values... guilt being one of the greatest.

The car thing at a stop light was nothing compared to Halloween night, our kids were still little, and two cars of teenagers went flying down a 20mph zone residential street - dark, limited streetlights, and little kids running around in dark costumes everywhere. I hauled off and ran to the stop sign - where they had actually stopped, and by the time I got through with the carload of boys, they were sayinig "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am" to me like there was no tomorrow. The best was at the very end, when I pointed at one, who was sitting up on the top of where the convertible top folds into, and said "I doubt your parents would be happy if you smashed your brains all over the pavement when you fall off the car backwards with the eradic, reckless driving your driver is doing, so get down off of there, into the seat, and put your seatbelt ON!" One final "yes ma'am" from all of them, and they pulled away from the stop sign slowly and carefully. I got pretty much the same response from the carload of girls, although not quite as quickly and not quite as ethusiatically as the boys. The girls were a little more stand-offish with the "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am" thing - they didn't resort to that as easily. :-) My friend about flipped, carried on about how I could have been shot, etc., etc. I just said well, some kid could have been run over too, but luckily that didn't happen. I knew though, that those kids were being raised right, just out being stupid, certainly not thinking, and just having fun. If they weren't being raised right, they wouldn't have had any respect for me and I would have gotten no where with them, much less heard a single "yes ma'am" out of the bunch.

URGGH! I would have been LIVID! Aren't those the same people who parked behind me that one time? Nothing makes me angrier than rude people, especially when you're trying to be polite and civilized. next time, I'd be all up on some Po-Po!

You know, some noise can't be helped. We lived in a second floor apartment at our last place and I knew that my son being FOUR was not a quiet experience for the downstairs neighbors.

But here's the thing. We were friendly with them and I would often say I'm sorry about all the noise and that we were trying to keep it down as much as we could and she said:

Honey, it does not bother me one bit. Yes, we here some noise, but you guys are quiet as mice at night. That's all I care about.

And it was true, OBSERVE the basic rules of living in multi-family dwellings and most people will be happy.

Not the neighbors that were there for a month after we moved in. Oh boy, that's a story in itself.

As for your neighbors - oh yeah, I'd call the cops next time.

I feel your pain! My downstairs neighbors constantly blare their "music" ... and don't respond at all when I bang on the floor. I've tried talking to them about it, but they can't hear me knocking for all the loud music. I've even left a super polite note - blaming it on "thin walls," but that didn't help. It just sucks having to live so close to rude people. Grr ...

Lovin' your new header!

ha I had a similar problem when I was living in a duplex. My solution was putting my stereo speakers up to her wall and blasting Guns n Roses and AC/DC.

She got the point. Of course shortly after that I discovered that I had been paying the electric bill for her AC (her apartment was three times the size of mine) we moved.

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