New 2008! Now with less sugar!

Posted by Felicia on 1:42 PM
The holidays have come and gone, and I finally get to relax and contemplate mysteries of the universe like why my deodorant is not working anymore, and why I suddenly keep finding stray socks peeking out from under various pieces of furniture. And no I will not pick them up. They stay as they lay! It's all about the important stuff here at Casa la Bread, W(h)ine & Cheez!
We spent Dec. 30 having an authentic German meal at the home of authentic German people here on a work permit until 2009.(My friends' neighbors) They rock in all of their German-esqueness. We took off our shoes at the door and had a kick-ass meal called Schweinhaxen and Klobel- which translates to Pork knuckles and potato dumplings. I'm glad I didn't ask what it was before I ate it because I may have feigned a mysterious illness and gone home, but you know what? It was GOOD! I loved it, and I do not like pork. Okay, so the dumplings were a weird spongy texture, but they were tasty.
The hosts were funny, and gracious and told stories of when they spent a year in Shanghai, and brought out photo albums of their families in Germany. How gratified I was to see that German children were very fond of the Dorothy Hamill haircut as well. The grandmother didn't speak a lick of English and so of course I felt the need to be retarded and speak LOUDLY in english because that helps break down the language barrier better. Smart huh? She kept making her son fill my wine glass when it got low. I knew I liked her from the start.
They sent us home with authentic german chocolate for the kids and a fascination for trying new things. All in all a very excellent way to end 2007.
New Year's Eve was spent at our friend's house watching Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve. (Sadly,it might finally be his last year to rock in the new years. DC was looking rough.) Anyhoo, we stayed up late and then broke out balloons and proceeded to make balloon animals for the kids until 12:45. I suck at balloon animals so there goes my chance for bookings at parties. *note to self- Cross off resolution #26.* We all fell into bed around 1:45 and got up late. I made my famous waffles, and we lay comatose until 2:00pm where upon our very hungry selves cleaned up enough to go out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. Who is amazing at trivia? I am!! I rocked 3000 points in 15 min.
After eating our weight in onion rings we walked around the mall and found some great bargains. When we left the temperature was down to 34 frickin cold degrees! We finally arrived home and I got to do laundry! Such a fabulously fun way to end my New Year's Day. Negatory.
Now normally I don't make resolutions because I break the suckers in a week or less, but I decided to give it another chance. So here they are.
1. Lose weight in '08. I'm soooo original. (must eat less sugar.i.e. CARBS)
2. Get organized by spending 15 minutes a day organizing. Small changes lead to big ones.
3. Give my son my undivided attention, and do something fun with him every single day.
4. Keep in touch with my family better.
5. Expand my picture taking and learn something about photography this year.

So there you have it. We will shall see how long they last. Happy New Year everyone! I hope the year brings you happiness, and great riches. And if it should...could I borrow a few hundred?



have a wonderful 2008 -- i know you will.

Happy New Year!!

I know it's so cliche, but I have got to lose this weight. Tomorrow I'm going to WW to sign up.

Thanks for the book recs, I have them on my library hold. I can't wait for them to come in.

happy new year! sounds like you ate some yummy (and interesting) food.

Happy New Year!

I spent a year in Germany and never tried anything out of the ordinary. Unless you count the horse meat I unknowingly ate on a trip to the Netherlands. BLECH.

Happy New Year!!

(Umm ... about the deodorant issue: I have to switch out my brands every six months or so - that usually does the trick.) :)

Oh, and as of next week, I'm back on Weight Watchers. Oh joy.

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