Random stuff for a Monday-AKA Sooooo bored

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1) If you were to become a TV evangelist, how would you do your hair?
HUGE. Sprayed and teased within an inch of its life. The higher the hair the higher to God.

2) Do you remember the first time you were on the internet? What did you do first?
Surfed for porn. Ok that's a lie.It surfed me. Blah..ok, ok... I made myself one of them there e-mailing accounts and had no one to send anything to. And then I got on messenger.

3) If you could pair up any two single people you know, who would you pick?
My friend Jasmin...I would find her a tall, big beefy guy with an IQ of 140 who had a penchant for cuddling, playful sarcasm and played a mean game of scrabble.
And I would pair me up with patrick Dempsey. What wife? Awww crap!

4) What was the biggest fight you have ever had with someone?
I'm a lover not a fighter. No fight. Hate to fight. Sick to stomach.

5) Do you prefer silver or gold jewelry? Silver or white gold.

6)What is the most revolting combination of colors you can imagine?
Orange, brown,& gold.

7)If you were to describe your first "real" kiss, what would you say?
Butterflies. Beach. 15. Braces. Richard Marx singing "Right Here Waiting For You" on a little radio. Soft lips. Insides all squishy.

8)What kind of cowardice do you most despise?
When people abuse those who are weaker than they are..

9)What is the best single piece of advice you ever received?
Treat people kindly and with respect.

10)What is your oldest article of clothing that you still wear?
Drill team sweats from 12th grade. Hey they feel just about right now.



Ha! My first kiss was to She Talks to Angels - Black Crows and it was with one of those rebellious types in his bedroom. I was fifteen, too. Umm, no. We didn't go there, but we totally made out. FOR. MY. FIRST. KISS.

I had been oogling him in German class all year. Oh heck, I may need to write a post about him.

Orange, brown and gold, you just described my favorite outfit! J/K

Ah! Those sweats sound devine! The first time I was able to get online, I searched Beverly Hills 90210...I'll always remember it.

"Squishy inside." Awwwww!

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