Spreading His Wings

Posted by Felicia on 7:46 AM
My boy is 9 1/2. The age where you try anything and everything to gain autonomy, to prove to everyone that you are capable of spreading your own wings and taking off. I liken him to a baby bird at this point. I'm not pushing him out to fly so much as he is trying to leap and ends up landing on his ass when he sees he's not quite ready to do EVERYTHING on his own. He will still need me for quite some time, but that doesn't stop him from trying to forge ahead.
See him forging ahead here? Hey! Where are you going? Are you just going to leave me here Speed Racer?

Look at that! So far ahead you can barely see him. I just know he is so excited to get ahead of me. Don't go too far! Hey! Can you hear me? Hello?

Oh wait! He's coming back. I knew he wouldn't go TOO far. Not yet anyway.

Hey babe!

Yes I saw you! You went really far and really fast.

My boy may be spreading his wings more and more but he always comes back. It's hard to let him do it too for fear that he will get hurt, but I rest in the knowledge that he still needs me, and I will cherish every single moment until he's out of my nest.



So sweet! I can't believe how much he's growing up. I mean, he was what, five, when I met y'all? Crazy. Great pics, and a great metaphor for mommyhood!

What a cutie he is! It must be hard when they grow up and want to be all independent. That is one thing I like about my dogs- they never grow up and want to leave home. Of course it isn't quite the same, but don't tell them that. They think I am their real mommy.

Did he shave his gorgeous hair off or am I trippin?

Awww, he'll always need his mama. Especially when is mom is as wonderful as you.

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