Cupcake Time

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Cupcake time again!
These are todays selections:
Chocolate Covered Strawberry- a strawberry cupcake with bits of real strawberry baked in and some strawberry extract for extra ooomph covered in a fudgy chocolate frosting. Rich and Decadent!

Key Lime Pie- A white cupcake with key lime juice and bits of lime zest topped with a light key lime custardy whipped topping with bits of lime zest with the edges dipped in graham cracker crumbs. Light,slightly tart and citrusy, just like the pie. Yum!

I had them taste tested by 2 dozen people. The verdict? Excellent so far.
I need to get my butt in gear and get a business loan. Alabama is screaming for gourmet cupcakes! I am screaming to be my own boss. lol



Both look yummy yummy!

Omigod! I need some key lime cupcakes, like, NOW! ;) Those look excellent! Can't wait till your all successful businesswoman!

We have a cupcake store here in Vancouver called Cupcakes....and they are HUGE! People actually hire them to do wedding and event cakes. Thing is, I've been in there a few times and the cupcakes are GROSS!!

These on the other hand, look scrumptious. Dangerous...

omg those sound (and look!) so good!! i really want to try those :)

Oh. my. gosh. Those look and sound sooo yummy! You need to come to AZ. I'll take care of the cakes, you can do the cupcakes!

They both look wonderful. I would LOVE to try the key lime one!

Totally amazing! I'm so there when you open your place. Yay! Cupcakes!

the fat gurl in missouri is waiting....

Ren-send me an addy and I will ship them!...lol thanks for the link. I have no excuses anymore.
I also just made a Jungle Boogie cupcake. I'll post a pic later.

I looooove key lime! Those look great!

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