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Posted by Felicia on 10:52 AM
Thank you for all the kind words about my cupcakes. Y'all are sweet and I so wish I could send y'all some if I could manage to ship them without ruining them. If you ever happen to come to North Alabama then we can definitely make it happen!

The title of this blog will become clear when you see these pics.

Goonies Collector glasses from 1985. Oh but yes! Ebay. I'm officially a geek. I love them though.

I bid on and won 2 more with a different design. They originally were promoted by Godfather's Pizza who got a shout out in the movie and these were available with the purchase of a pizza. I didn't grow up near a Godfather's pizza so I was not privy to these awesome glasses because I so would have had all of them. I know, I know...I'm living in the past...blah, blah, blah. So what? I L.O.V.E. the Goonies and will forever. Sloth love Chunk! Rockyyyyy Road?

Happy Valentine's Day! I have a hot date with 2 guys. Ben & Jerry.



Where the heck was I in the mid-80's? Don't have a clue about Goonies. I didn't go through a drug phase, so can't even blame it on that.

first off...dork. i am a huge geek and even i don't have goonies glasses. ok, fine, i have never actually seen the goonies but whatever.

secondly... http://www.cakespy.com/2007/12/how-not-to-ship-cupcake-results.html

that leaves no excuses. air tight container for shipping cupcakes. so...want my address??? i like the look of the strawberry ones.

The Goonies? Seriously rock.

Happy Valentine's Day

PS. I you see Cupid, bitch slap the little punk for me, will ya?

Goonies never say die, Felicia! And isn't buying thigns you wanted as a kid but could never have, like, THE BEST part about being a grown-up??

I tagged you on my blog. Not sure if you have posted this or not... or if you want to play.

Wish I could tell you who my husband's boss is ;)

You know what I miss? Do you remember those little plastic kool-aid man cups you could get? Are those still available?

PS. Anxiously awaiting that post now!

Well, whatdya know, ebay has them!

Well, whatdya know, ebay has them!

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