I should never have encouraged him to speak!

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I have to apologize, in advance, to the world, for what may be unleashed upon it in the next 10 years. I am sorry everyone. Here's why...

Last night I dropped a friend off at her parent's house so she could use their car while her's was in the shop. No sooner had we dropped them off and pulled out of the driveway when darling boy said he needed to use the bathroom, really bad Mom! I told him to hold it as best he could because we would be home in like 3 minutes. Not 2 seconds later I felt the urge to go.

" Mom? Do you have to go to the bathroom?"

" Yes. Why? "

" You're bouncing."

" Oh. Well. Yeah. I guess I am. It helps a little bit."

" Don't think about water."

" Colin!"

" Water, water, water, water, water!" he says in a singsong voice.

"Stooooooopppp!" Totally feeling it stronger now.

"Creek! Stream! River!"

" Colin! Stop! hahahaha. Booger."

" Lake! Pool! Jacuzzi!" he says getting more hysterical by the second.

" lalalalalalalalalal...can't hear you....lalalalalala"

" A Dam! Ocean! Puddle!"

" Puddle? How do you go from an ocean to a puddle?" I say laughing and bouncing.

" I don't know." he says snorting and laughing. The car gets quiet again.

"This moment is brought to you by the letter P."

" What?!?!" I laugh hysterically trying to keep the car on the road and keep from peeing my pants.

" I am Cookie Monster. I like to eat P. It taste like cookie. Nom nom nom nom."

" Stop!!!! I'm going to pee my pants!" I scream laughing.

" Are you going to run in the house?"

" Yes. Leave me alone. You're out of my will."

" I didn't want your couches anyway Mom."

Oh lawdy. I'm sorry people. I fear for the future.



Bwa-ha ha! I heart your kid so much. So funny. Wonder where he gets that? Hmm... ;)

Too funny.

Last Christmas, my husband actually said to my mother, 'I don't know how you made it through with the two of them', referring to my sister and I and my single mother mom.


He may regret passing on the couches.

Baha! Ohm nom nom! I love Cookie Monster. You're kiddos name is Colin? That so cute..it's my man's name too! Good choice lil mama!

He is just too funny - a great characteristic that will help him in many ways all through life!

Hahaha, that is funnnnny. What a little stinker!

I puffy heart that boy! So freakin' hilarious!

he is the funniest guy ever! how nice to have him around to keep you laughing, even at the most inopportune times =) did you make it to the bathroom in time???

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