The Little Pimp Who Could

Posted by Felicia on 1:38 PM
The people that come into our office never cease to amaze me. I am fascinated by the lives they lead and wonder how different or how similar our lives really are. Most of our clients don't come into our office, preferring to pay their insurance premiums online and only calling us when they need to make changes. There are however, some clients who still come by the office to pay because they either do not have a checking account or they just flat out refuse to "surrender to the man!" These people are a loyal, ragtag, bizarre bunch. One of them just left my office. I call him Mr.B aka The Pimp.
Mr. B is 72 years old. He wears matching track suits and when he walks in the glare of his jewelry blinds me. The man wears jewelry like Mr. T. I pity the fool who don't wear no gold medallions! He drives a Red Ford F250 with custom chrome trim, spinners on the wheel and a license plate frame that says Hoochie Mama & His Toys. Wow.It makes me laugh and cringe all at the same time. Every month he pays a huge amount of cash on his multiple policies because he has 7 cars. While he is doing this the woman that accompanies him(approx. age mid-30s)sucks away on a blow-pop and plays with her hair and pulls down her very short skirt. Ok then.
Mr. B is always very nice, and I tease him constantly greeting him with, "Hey Mr. B. Did you come to pay my insurance?" He always laughs and takes out his wallet to count out the hundreds of dollars he pays each month. I never have the guts to ask him what he does, or did because he is retired now from whatever it was that he did that I don't know about. That was a mouthful. I hate not knowing. When he is finished paying he stands and walks slowly(he's 72 for goodness sakes)back to his car and says, " Come on baby." to his female companion. I say goodbye and he replies, " Be good...or good at it!" Characters I tell ya. At least they add a little color into my otherwise non-exciting day.



OMG! That is too funny! I am so curious when I see people like that too. You'll have to ask at some point and keep us posted... enquiring minds want to know.

Bahaha, sweet. At least you can get a good laugh out of it!

I love his exit line. Hilarious!

I am going to use that line very soon.......it's too good not to!

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