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Posted by Felicia on 8:40 AM
Over the past few months I have been digging into my past a lot. I suppose it may have something to do with the fact that last year marked 15 years since high school ended. Yikes people. Since that time things have changed drastically, some good, some bad. Life happens. I am feeling a bit reflective and wanted to know how LIFE has been for old friends. As such, I began googling names. Did I mention I love Google? Because I do.
I may have mentioned a middle school crush of mine here once and how I still felt slightly jilted in that "my poor 15 yr. old heart is crushed" kinda way. I won't tell you his name, but it starts with Matt Neznanski.I hope he forgives me for writing this. He was blonde, wore glasses, and hung out in the computer lab at lunch. He wasn't geeky in the classic sense, just cerebral. I love cerebral. I fell. I would sit near him on the bus and engage him in conversation and hang out in the classroom outside of the computer lab on the off-chance that he would notice my devotion and ask me to marry him. Uh yeah. At 15. Genius idea. Alas, he was not aware of my devotion and 15 yr. old love for him. I'm not even sure he was aware that girls even existed back then. I googled him and found him.
I figured that with a unique last name I might have some luck. I found a link and clicked on it only to find a reporter's blog with a picture of a blonde guy with glasses and a cute, scruffy beard. It had to be him, just 19 years older and still adorable. I found an e-mail and wrote him. " If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain..." Ok,I didn't write that. I casually and non-stalkingly asked if he was the same person who went to Dodson Junior High School from 1986-1989(Shut up,it's not THAT old)because if so, then HI! How are you? The next day, much to my surprise and delight he replied with "Yes, I remember you. How are YOU?" I died a little. My middle school crush acknowledged that he remembered me. 19 years later. *sigh* I wrote back and confessed to him of my like for him and that I had a picture of him that I had taken after a field trip. I sent it to him and we have since written each other a couple of times. He is happily married(darn it)and doing what he loves. How could you ask for better? All I can say is that it was just really cool to catch up, and to find out what happened to my childhood crush. My soul can rest easy now. It's all good.
Life is funny. You may not get what you want, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. It just is, and you deal with it and maybe get something better out of it. Or you may get some closure. In any case, you get to see how everything is and how grateful you are that people have touched your life in different ways. It's amazing, it's real,and occassionally bittersweet. Life is short. I want to take opportunities to tell people how they have affected my life because I may never get another chance, and isn't it nice to know that maybe, just maybe, you might have been special to them too.
So Matt, if you should happen to stumble across my blog, please know that you will forever be a sweet and special part of my childhood memories. Thank you.



How cool is that? Matt Neznanski! I remember you showing me that picture! It's funny that you wrote about thi because I just got an email form a guy I dated for a whopping 4 months in 11th grade. He'd seen a MySpace post, and wanted to congratulate me on writing a book. It was so sweet and it made me totally regret the not-so-nice things I said about the guy over the years. Time really is the great equalizer!

Do you know how adorable you are? I too find myself googling people and wanting to reconnect with some of them. In fact I have a facebook page and have found many of my high school classmates. Way too scary.

That is so cool. There are so many people that I wonder about too. I never went to my 10 year HS reunion... and wonder if I will make it to 20. Curiosity might actually get me there. Now, I am going to go google some people.

"Life is short. I want to take opportunities to tell people how they have affected my life because I may never get another chance, and isn't it nice to know that maybe, just maybe, you might have been special to them too."

I live by this.

Great post...I really, really loved it :)

Wait, what? I thought I had replied to this already. Dude, I'm sorry, and now you probably think I was ignoring this post because you TOLD ME it would be here. But I wasn't, I actually read this when you first posted it.

Have I dug myself out far enough yet?

I think this post sends a wonderful message. I would love to find out how some of my special friends are doing now, too. But mine would be more from the military.

Lovely, lovely post! Great words of wisdom there!

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