Singing the insurance blues

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My job as an insurance agent, while oh so exciting(read:NOT), is filled with the occassional stressful moments and exclamations of "oh shit!". They are also filled with moments of "Oh hell to the no he/she didn't just say that!"
Case in point: Customers sometimes call in and expect us to do miracles with insurance. I just love the ones that tell me they just had an accident and need me to "backdate" a policy. Ummmm...how 'bout noooo? Fraud anyone? My job may not be exciting, but I'm kind of used to the whole getting a paycheck thing to do things like have a roof overhead and eat. I know. I'm so selfish.
Today was no different. A woman calls in and asks me to fax over proof of insurance to the DMV for her parents to show that they were insured on a specific date. Ok, no problem except that they were not insured with us on the date she mentioned. I informed her and she hung up the phone. She called again and asked me to fax current proof of insurance and says, "Can you fax that over there in like 2 seconds? Can you do it in 2 seconds?" Really? Really?? You must be joking with me. You'd have to be joking with me otherwise I would have to come through this phone and throttle you. Now where the heck did I put my magic wand? My gawd. Have we really gotten so completely impatient that we require people to defy the laws of physics? Puhleeze. I will fax that over in the amount of time it takes me to access the policy and to get to the various information in order to fax that over. It takes me 2 seconds to blink sometimes on a tiring day. I'm filing you under A for ass.
* I love my job I love my job I love my job I love my job*
Rant over



Hahaha...I'm sorry, I just had to laugh at this post and shake my head at people. Rant on! You are hilarious.

PS. I just noticed that you added me to your blogroll...thanks!!

You are funny when you rant! I wish I could talk about my job more on my blog, because let me tell you, I deal with some real gems sometimes.

Love it. People amaze me. I had a guy try to return a steam cleaner once that he supposedly didn't use and the box was dripping. Seriously?!?

Oh man, you and Katie should get together and tell some crazy insurance stories. She once had a client who asked her to CHANGE A POLICE REPORT so that she wouldn't be at fault in an accident. An accident in which she rear-ended someone! And when Katie tried to explain the "rear-ender = always at fault" thing, the woman got pissed and claimed Katie did not understand because it was "physics" and Katie was clearly dumb.

People suck, sometimes.

People are insane. But it's Friday, so you'll be off the hook for a couple days! :)

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