Weekend recap

Posted by Felicia on 10:06 AM in
Weekends are way too short.

Friday: Rachel and I Went to Monaco Pictures and ate lots of yummy appetizers and drank lemon drop martinis and Belgian draft beer. Afterwards we saw The Other Boelyn Girl. Soooo good. You must see it.
Went home and went to bed waiting on the snow to fall. Fell asleep to thoughts of snowmen and snowball fights.

Saturday: Woke up to see this. Snow dust. Not even enough to matter. Major bummer!

We were lazy. Nothing more to tell except that I finally got to see The Bourne Ultimatum. I love that trilogy. Matt Damon rocks. I wish I was F&*%ing Matt Damon. lol

Sunday: We finally got out into the beautiful sunshiny, snowless day. I rounded up my son's friends and their scooters and I took them to Indian creek greenway for a few hours. They scooted and skipped stones as every child should know how to do. It's nice to de-tech and get down to basics. I want these kids to get in touch with the simple things in life. Mission accomplished!

On the way back we encountered cows in the field next to the trail on the other side of the creek. He liked me. He walked over to the fence.

Whatch you talkin bout Willis?!?

Great weekend.

Monday doth sucketh!

I hope yours was great too!

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Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Posted by Felicia on 2:22 PM in
Newsflash* We are expecting SNOW. 1-2 inches! Color me happy! Of course it will only last a day so we will just have to make the best of it.

The weather here has been weird and unpredictable to say the least. 70 degrees one week and then in the 20s the following. This is the only place I have lived in that you can wear your shorts and thick parkas all in the same week.


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Language Lessons

Posted by Felicia on 12:58 PM in
My wonderful friend Steve and I always try to see who can be more clever. He often wins because he is just amazingly witty. I love witty. Here is one of our exchanges.

Greetings from Norway !!!!‏
From: Steve Craft
Sent: Tue 3/04/08 8:05 AM
To: Felicia L a France

Oerewog veoig,

w $tunbv;on3govin[0q3g voadnagloj v54oihgv 4iny 0q8jr4oqk4 gvoi nbvaer ytlvk hrgqk bauhergw liaer giuwnf qng bw ;onnrg ;qovn qjbr ytvqrogh4esbiq 3iophry vo99 0lo9g gv9 h54 g9b8h qerb tm9bny otr9ph4t4b9qjh4;ojl h.\

ou n3w e,

RE: Greetings from Norway !!!!‏
From: Felicia L a France
Sent: Tue 3/04/08 10:14 AM
To: Steve Craft

Silly man..everyone knows that you should use the present tense of the word voadnagloj as voadnEglojy. You need to brush up on your languages Sir, or as the Norwegians say...Sinegytlkgjio

RE: Greetings from Norway !!!!‏
From: Steve Craft
Sent: Tue 3/04/08 10:43 AM
To: Felicia L a France

Ms. LaFrance....

Since the literal translation of "Sinegytlkgjio" is, "I wish to have sex with your poodle while wearing a sock on my head"....did you really mean to say that ??? I'm guessing you misspelled and really wanted to say, "Sinegytlpgjio" Which translates to, "Get them clothes off and shake that 'money-maker' ".

Linguistically yours,

RE: Greetings from Norway !!!!‏
From: Felicia L a France
Sent: Tue 3/04/08 11:49 AM
To: Steve Craft

I apologize for my spelling error. Spell check does not catch the Norwegian slang terms very well. I believe the word I was going for is spelled Sinegytlggkgjio which translates as " Your socks are too tight; take them off your ugly dog."
I never meant to imply that I wanted to have sex with your poodle. And is that what you call it because it really looks more like a cat with a perm. Svehuityrskkl is what I always say, which means "You can't teach an old cat new dog tricks, especially with socks on your head. " That's a famous norwegian quote by the way.

Love, Tink

RE: Greetings from Norway !!!!‏
From: Steve Craft
Sent: Tue 3/04/08 1:11 PM
To: Felicia L a France

Funny....I use socks for other purposes.

RE: Greetings from Norway !!!!‏
From: Felicia L a France
Sent: Tue 3/04/08 1:46 PM
To: Steve Craft

I win!

RE: Greetings from Norway !!!!‏
From: Steve Craft
Sent: Tue 3/04/08 2:27 PM
To: Felicia L a France

Yes, you win. You always do. Now, "Sinegytlpgjio" (see below) and take pictures this time !!!!

*"Sinegytlpgjio" Which translates to, "Get them clothes off and shake that 'money-maker' ".

LMAO I love that guy.

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Pedicures and Free Sh*t

Posted by Felicia on 8:35 AM
To keep with this embarrassing moment theme I will tell you a story of someone else's embarassing moment that I was witness too. Who couldn't use a good laugh especially when it has nothing whatsoever to do with us.

Awhile back, my friend Rachel and I had decided to go out for a girly day and get pedicures and go see a Chick flick. We went to this place neither one of us had been to before and sat right down as there was hardly anyone there. As we made ourselves comfortable in the highback chairs and started soaking our feet the ladies came out and sat down in front of us. Well, one of them was a lady, the other one had to be like 16 or 17. They started working on us and Rachel and I chatted away. As we were talking the young girl kept interrupting our conversations with little anecdotes about high school. A little annoying and rude, but we chalked it up to her age and just amused her. Towards the end she hands Rachel some of those free foam sandals so as not to ruin the nail polish job and says, "Here, they're free." To which I said "Who doesn't like free stuff? Free stuff is great!" The girl looked at us and said "Except for feces." Uh,como say huh?!? It got uncomfortably quiet and Rachel says, "Uh yeah, except for that." We exchanged looks and both of us were trying so hard to stifle our laughter. The girl got up and walked out of the room and we dissolved into laughter. Seriously? Is someone handing out free feces and we just don't know about it? Do people charge for feces? After we left the jokes just flowed. We laughed all day long. Poor girl.
I love me some free shit, I just don't like free SHIT.

What is an embarrassing moment you have had? I can't judge...I'll laugh, but I won't judge. You read what happened to me Saturday. Hypothetically of course.

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Hypothetically speaking

Posted by Felicia on 12:26 PM
Hypothetically, let's say that the Terminex guy comes out to check your baseboards early in the morning on a Saturday, hypothetically around 9AM and that hypothetically you have five minutes to get dressed(because you just got notified right then...oops) and make your house presentable so you don't melt into a pool of embarrassment. And let's just say hypothetically that after he leaves, smiling too broadly for a termite guy who just had the exciting job of checking baseboards, you walk into your bedroom and suddenly realize that he may have seen your *ahem* toy lying on the nightstand as he checked said baseboards because although you threw on clothes and picked up anything off the floor, you may have forgotten to put other more embarrassing items away that you forgot were there because you were more concerned about whether or not he would judge you for having socks lying all over the floor. Hypothetically speaking of course.

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