Hypothetically speaking

Posted by Felicia on 12:26 PM
Hypothetically, let's say that the Terminex guy comes out to check your baseboards early in the morning on a Saturday, hypothetically around 9AM and that hypothetically you have five minutes to get dressed(because you just got notified right then...oops) and make your house presentable so you don't melt into a pool of embarrassment. And let's just say hypothetically that after he leaves, smiling too broadly for a termite guy who just had the exciting job of checking baseboards, you walk into your bedroom and suddenly realize that he may have seen your *ahem* toy lying on the nightstand as he checked said baseboards because although you threw on clothes and picked up anything off the floor, you may have forgotten to put other more embarrassing items away that you forgot were there because you were more concerned about whether or not he would judge you for having socks lying all over the floor. Hypothetically speaking of course.



Oh girlie, I can do nothing but laugh my ass off. I am so sorry, was it shiny? I mean, if it wasn't shiny and maybe neutral toned you might be okay. Hypothetically, of course.

I think I just died of embarassment for you.


I thought you were going to say it was because you had boob hanging out or something and didn't notice in your sleepy delirium.

But really would that have been worse?

Thanks for sending me to bed with a good laugh... I needed that.

I was with the flying enchilada too...

Hee hee! Hey, maybe he just thought you were an awesome, free-thinking gal! I'm surprised you didn't get a date out of that... ;)

What a lucky termite man . . . mmmmm


Sorry, but that story is awesome. If he noticed, I'm sure he got a kick out of it. No worries. :)

Oh NO! That might be worse than my flying paper experience. I feel a bit better now...I think :D

OMG! Too, too funny! Sorry, I'm not laughing AT you, honestly - because you are laughing too, right?! :-)

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