Pedicures and Free Sh*t

Posted by Felicia on 8:35 AM
To keep with this embarrassing moment theme I will tell you a story of someone else's embarassing moment that I was witness too. Who couldn't use a good laugh especially when it has nothing whatsoever to do with us.

Awhile back, my friend Rachel and I had decided to go out for a girly day and get pedicures and go see a Chick flick. We went to this place neither one of us had been to before and sat right down as there was hardly anyone there. As we made ourselves comfortable in the highback chairs and started soaking our feet the ladies came out and sat down in front of us. Well, one of them was a lady, the other one had to be like 16 or 17. They started working on us and Rachel and I chatted away. As we were talking the young girl kept interrupting our conversations with little anecdotes about high school. A little annoying and rude, but we chalked it up to her age and just amused her. Towards the end she hands Rachel some of those free foam sandals so as not to ruin the nail polish job and says, "Here, they're free." To which I said "Who doesn't like free stuff? Free stuff is great!" The girl looked at us and said "Except for feces." Uh,como say huh?!? It got uncomfortably quiet and Rachel says, "Uh yeah, except for that." We exchanged looks and both of us were trying so hard to stifle our laughter. The girl got up and walked out of the room and we dissolved into laughter. Seriously? Is someone handing out free feces and we just don't know about it? Do people charge for feces? After we left the jokes just flowed. We laughed all day long. Poor girl.
I love me some free shit, I just don't like free SHIT.

What is an embarrassing moment you have had? I can't judge...I'll laugh, but I won't judge. You read what happened to me Saturday. Hypothetically of course.



My most embarrassing moment ever was while picking up my little brother and best friend for high school. I was parked right outside the school with 400 teenagers standing around. I guess I few people had put their binders and texts on the roof of the car and I sped off with 40,000 sheets of paper flying behind me :D Ooops. Yes, we had to go back and pick them all up in front of those 400 laughing teenager. I was all shades of red.

Oh God, that was one of the funniest things that ever happened to me! I'm SO glad you were there, because who would believe that story if we didn;t have someone to back it up? And we really did laugh about it ALL DAY! Oh, and don't forget that when she left the room and we laughed and laughed, we discovered that the room she'd gone into only had a partition, not a wall. So she totally heard us. I wonder if she looks back on that now and cringes...

I will have to think. I am sure there are many, but I have buried them deep inside and cannot locate them right now.

I will have to think. I am sure there are many, but I have buried them deep inside and cannot locate them right now.

Oops... posted twice. Now that I think about it, it was probably the time that I put diesel in my father-in-law's car. Actually that was more painful than anything else, but now, it's embarrassing. You can read all about it here:


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