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My grandmother just bought a house here in Alabama after living in Redondo Beach, CA for most of her life. She wanted to be closer to us, and we couldn't be happier. For one thing, we make her laugh.

Shortly before she left my Uncle Beef took her out to a Chinese restaurant. They were discussing chinese astrology and my grandmother's horoscope said that the Ox and the Cock would feature prominently in her life this month. It got quiet and my uncle blurted out, "Yeah, you're going to meet someone named Dick!" Much laughter followed and she told us the story over dinner one night this past week.

Yesterday we met the general contractor who came out to make some estimates for some repairs on the new house. My grandmother loved him and he gave her his card and said he would call her when she got back from California.
At my mom's house later that night we were telling my mom all about the contractor and she asked what is name was.

Grandma: You have to meet him Arlene. He was charming. And his estimate was fantastic. He really knew what he was talking about.

Mom: What's his name mom?

Grandma: *She grabs the business card while putting on her glasses.* His name is Richard.

Me: DICK!!!!! OMG! Remember what Uncle Beef said?

Grandma: *Snorts with laughter* Oh my goodness!

Me: What's his last name Grandma?

Grandma: Pryke.

Me: OMG His name is Dick Prick? Call Uncle Beef! Call Uncle Beef!

Grandma: It's a sign!

LMAO...my looney family.

On the way home we had a country station playing and a Toby Keith song called I Wanna Talk About Me was on. We all laughed at the part that said, " and we talk about your grandma down in Alabama."

Me: Hey! That's you now Grandma!

Colin: *cracking up in the backseat*
That's funny! And it rhymes!

Then it came to the part that said "we talk about your medical charts and when you start."

Grandma: What did he say?

Me: He said "when you start".

Grandma: *laughs* Oh my.

Colin: * snorting with laughter* That's funny!........I have no idea what he is talking about.




Dick Prick is right up there with Dick Trickle. Poor guy! LMAO

Ha ha ha! Dick Prick! I too am 12! Your familia is too funny! And how pumped am I that Lolita will now be in town? Hooray!

Ahahahahaaa! That is too funny. No wonder he goes by Richard. :)

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