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So last night I became (in my son's eyes) the "coolest mom EVER" by taking him to the midnight showing of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. If I ever have the crazy notion to do that again I want someone to thump me on the head and take away my keys because-BOY, AM I TIRED! I swear my recovery time is soooo much longer. Gone are the days where I am able to stay up all night, catch 2 hours of sleep and bounce out of bed and solve complex Pythagorean equations while juggling sharp knives. Well, you get the idea. As for the boy, I had to poke him with a stick and throw food at him until he climbed out of bed. He was a bear. That was to be expected however. Anyway, the movie was really FUN! The concept was a little far-fetched, but overall very entertaining. I highly recommend you see it on the big-screen first.
We were lucky in that we went to a theater that wasn't advertising their midnight showing so we ended up being only 2 in a handful of 20 people. The other theaters were sold out and had lines. Haha! Suh-weet!
We had fun though and now my son will have a cool memory of his mom taking him to the movies at midnight on a school night, the eve of the "Last day of school!".
I'm paying for it though as I sit here trying not to fall asleep on my keyboard.
I will leave you with this though. probably one of the funniest things of the evening for me. As we were sitting waiting for the movie to start one of the kids in the very back let out the longest, most disgusting burp, and my son, the lover of bodily noises, the king of hand farts, the master of burps, shouts out, "That was uncivilized!"



I thought about doing one of those midnight shows for Pirates - but then I found out it was 3 hours long! Kudos to you. You're the coolest mom ever :)

And your son's pretty cool for saying "uncivilized!"

Wow ... you deserve a hundred gold stars for doing that! You rock. :)

Not that we didn't already know it, but you are the coolest mom ever! :)

Save this memory for the time when he's telling you that you're the "meanest mom!" He'll be speechless :)

A midnight showing would have been really cool, but I don't think there is one for our area. We did see it Sunday so we still get some cool points.

I still remember my mom taking my to Footloose and thinking how cool she was and telling all my friends about it... they were sooo jealous. I can't wait to come up with something cool so that my kids don't end up hating me for all my issues....

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