Mr. Right

Posted by Felicia on 4:42 AM
It started innocently enough. Just one. No more. Maybe more later when I could give my full attention to him. I didn't mean to keep on with it, but I couldn't stop. Before I knew it I had him against the walls, in the laundry room, on the countertops and even on the floor. Oh yeah-on the floor. It consumed me and I had no control over it. It wasn't one sided though. He worked hard at what he did. He was wonderful and I couldn't have been more happy with what he was doing. He knew what I wanted and he delivered. I was addicted to him. The way he felt in my hands was wonderful. His grip on mine was pure heaven. He made everything appear shiny and new.
What was I doing? I couldn't do this now. I couldn't devote the kind of time he needed right now. He deserved better than me, but how could I let go? He was everything I had ever wanted and more. He made my knees weak. My hands were sore from holding him so tight. Everything in me screamed for more. For my own peace of mind though I had to let him go,but only for now. We would be together again soon when I had it in me to devote all of my attention to him. I had big plans for him. I already missed him like the flower misses the rain. I wish I could quit him.

Would you like to see him? Just scroll down to see my new love.



Damn you, you tart! That's MY man! What he can do to a stainless steel sink is enough to make any girl weep! ;)

Seriously, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser was clearly invented by aliens- really, really clean aliens. Or maybe it was sent to us from the angels. I'd buy that.

You and I obviously have the same taste in men.

ha ha ha! hilarious. i love this man, too! i have a stash of these things under my kitchen sink.

Love it! (And him!)

If only all good men were only $3 at Target ... :)

You are too funny. Although that bastard does nothing for dry erase marker on walls... damn him.

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