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Tell me about it, and I think our economy is in for a world of hurt over it and not just because of what it does to our own pocketbooks. This may be a topic I'll discuss on my blog.

Out of control is not a strong enough term for this. There are no words anymore...

yeah, but did you know the United States ranks #108 out of 155 countries surveyed for most expensive gas, or #44 out of 155 as the cheapest gas. Sure puts things into perspective.

We have it pretty good.


I'm leaving for Raleigh this weekend. I don't even want to consider how much I'll be spending on that trip. God.

Brilliant idea; this post. I can certainly relate!

The pumps on base stop at either $60 or $75 and my beast often doesn't get filled completely. Not a good time to be driving one of the largest things on the road. Maybe I should hook the bike trailer up and run my errands that way. Hell no!! I will starve first.

Yes, my car now takes over $50 to fill. I won't comment on how much hubby's Excursion takes to fill - actually I don't even know and I'd like to keep it that way!

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