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I am blogging about my son's overdue birth today because Nat over at Starting From Here let us in on the story of a new mom, overdue and ready to evict the little one in her, who's friend Karen is holding a virtual baby shower by letting other mothers tell their stories of overdue babies.

My son was 8 days overdue when he was born. My original due date was May 14th, 1998. After the second ultrasound they changed it to June 2. The pregnancy was typical up until the 30th week mark. At 30 weeks I began holding water like crazy to the tune of 5 lbs. a week. My doctor thought I was eating too much until I made her see that there is no way in the H to the ELL that I could gain that much from eating with a baby pushing against my stomach. Then she looked again and noticed it was pitting edema. Kind of like playdough. You push your finger against it and the print stays. Gross and uncomfortable to say the least. I was Pre-pre-eclamptic. I should have known then this was not going to be easy.
I had an appt. on my due date. Nothing happening down there. I was told to come back a week later if nothing had happened by then. When I left I bought castor oil because I heard that would help things get going. All I did was throw up. I don't know why anyone would want to drink that crap. SO then I walked, and walked and walked and walked. They took me to the La Brea Tar Pits and we walked up and down the stairs all day. Still nothing.
Exactly one week after my due date I showed up at the Dr's office. She asked me how it was going. How in the hell do you THINK I am doing??!!? I am a week overdue and 70 lbs over my original starting weight. How the hell would YOU feel? Well, I didn't exactly say THAT. I burst into tears. "Take this baby out of me!" She gave me a paper and told me to walk across the street to labor and delivery. I was induced at 12 pm and they broke my water at 3pm. By 3AM I had only dilated to 4 cm. The pain was getting bad and they told me they would come back in an hour and give me an epidural when I reached 5 cm. The next hour was a blur. When they came back I was dilated to 9 1/2 cm and they wanted me to push. That booger wasn't going anywhere. My hip bones were too narrow to push his huge head through. At 6am I was taken into surgery for a c-section and 30 minutes later I had a beautiful 6 week old boy. Ok, he wasn't 6 weeks but he looked it because he was 10LBS 3OZ 21 1/4 in LONG!!!!! Friggin huge kid! He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and I was finally done. All of my hard work and pain and pregnancy suffering had come to an end. He was here. He was home. He was mine.



I'm beginning to think, after reading yours and Nat's stories, that the whole walking thing is just to give you something to do!

WOW, I was lucky A wasn't that big, there is no way he would have come out through my hoo-ha if he had been any bigger. He got big time stuck on my pelvic bone as it was and the OB had to literally stick her arms up me to help him along. I am planning on posting a more detailed birth story on his birthday.

Funny story. My kid was 7 days late. yes, I walked and walked, lord how i walked. there's a local restaurant here, that serves what is known as THE salad. it supposedly induces labor. Yeah right. Didn't try it. Sounded hoky to me.

Ahhh, the beauty of childbirth! I was one day overdue, 88 lbs. over, no C-section, no epidural either, pushed him out in 18 minutes only dialated to 9 1/2 (never got to 10). When it was all over, I held my son for the first time, muttered incoherently, and then I threw up . . . again.

Ohhh... so sorry. I also was pre-eclamptic, but I got to deliver early with a 6lb 2 oz baby... and by no means I am trying to throw that in your face... I was just lucky. I cannot imagine having to wait even longer... oh the agony. Definitely worth it though.

Ouch - and I thought Mikaela was big at just a little over 8 lbs! She was 9 days late, 25 hours of labor, then a c-section. What fun - NOT!

Behind in blog reading (so what's new?), so missed posting a birth story for your friend's friend. Hopefully all is well there.

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