Posted by Felicia on 8:06 AM
There comes a day when you realize you are old. Maybe not over the hill, but definitely not feeling your youth as you used to. It may not happen all at once, in fact, it kind of sneaks up on you in revelations.
Oh my F*&^ing BLEEEEEEEP, will they turn that loud shit down? Or, I swear if I see another stinking teenager text in line in front of me and foregetting to move forward!!!...so help me! Or, Geez, 9:00 PM already? I need to get to bed! Little things that add up to the big realization that YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER FELICIA!
Mine came as I was watching TV and the new promos for Beverly Hills 90210-The Remake- which is being promoted as SEXIER, MORE PROVOCATIVE, EDGIER. My first reaction was, "Gah! Like we need another show about sexier,provocative teens! What is wrong with these people. These kids today are..." And then it hit me. Our parents probably had the same reaction when the original 90210 came out.Wait. What? I'm an...a..a...adult?!? Crap! It was official. I was old.
I happened to catch an episode of the original 90210 on the soap channel, and I happily began to watch a piece of my youthful past. And you know what? Not nearly the same. I was bored and their situations, of course, had no relevancy with me now. At the time, it was LIFE MAN! The REAL DEAL! It's like the writer's were inside my head!
So, I'm sure that this new show will find it's share of new viewers from a new generation and possibly curious ones from mine;Time moves on. My teens and twenties are over, but I still think fondly of the shows from my past while watching the shows that pertain to my interests now like The History Channel, CSI, Nip/Tuck, Sex in the City,and the Discovery channel. I hear they are having a whole half hour devoted to how cotton gets made into blue jeans. OOOOOOOHHHHH! So excited! ~Oh man I need a much needed shot of youth. Now where did I put my Strawberry Shortcake videos??



I hear ya. When I saw photos of the case of the new 90210, I nearly fell over. They're so young! Then I went back and looked at pictures from OUR 90210 ... Um yeah. Brenda, Brandon, Dylan and the rest of the gang were pretty darn young back then, too. I have no idea when "old" smacked me in the face, but I'm not amused.

Just find people that are older than you to hang out with - should do the trick!

I felt the same way watching old episodes of Family Ties. It's not just the content but the quality of the film. The older I get, the harder it is to watch stuff that doesn't appeal to me visually. =P

You are so right... like I stopped watching 'The Real World' on MTV a few years back because... whoa, those kids are crazy!!

Oh, BTW... completely off the subject, but you have to try 'Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese with Cranberries'. We served it when I worked at A Taste of Monterey and I finally found it at one of the nicer grocery stores here. Yum, yum, yum... try it with a good red. K

I'll make you feel young Felicia - I didn't watch 90210 because it was too young for me. Then, the other day I see a 'then & now' photo of one of the actors from it, and he is in his 40's! I about LOST it, because it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was even OLDER than that! WTF! Where did time GO?!?!

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