Burpology 101

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As we were driving home...

Me: *Burp* Ohh..hehehe... excuse me!

Colin: That was an upchuck!

Me: A what?

Colin: You know, the kind of burp where your food comes up a little.

Me: It was. It tasted like spaghetti. Haha. Gross.

Colin: Ewww...

Mom: How did you know that??

Colin: Because I do. I just know it. I know which burps are which.

Me: So you're like the burp-ologist?

Colin: Haha! Yeah!

Me: The Burp Master, Master Burper?

Colin: Professor of Burpology?

Me: You could get your Ph.D and write a dissertation on Northern Gases.

Colin: *laughs*

Me: You could get booked for entertainment like a D.J. Except you'd be the B.J. ...Uh...NO...nevermind. Haha

Colin: Why? What does B.J. stand for?

Me: Uhhhhh...

Colin: Is it Burp Judge?

Me: Yes! Yes it is.

Colin: Hahaha...B.J. Cool.

Me: *laughs* Oh geez. *Burp*

Colin: Good one Mom.



Burp judge!!! Good one, mom. ;)

that's hilarious. quick thinking. :)

Okay, all I can see is his friends letting him in on the secret in about 2 years!

Please, please tell us that you informed him NOT to use the term BJ beyond conversations with you!?!

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