Gulf Shores '08

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It's that time of year! I'm going to the beach! Gulf Shores, Alabama to be exact.
It's our annual ABC trip down to the "dirty souf" to soak in the sun,relax, and hang with some pretty awesome women. We had so much fun last year and came back a little hung over, a little sun-burned, a little tired, and a whole lot happier for having done it.
We leave Thursday morning and will make the 6-7 hr trip down to the gulf with a couple of stops on the way. We cannot pass Chilton County without stopping for something with peaches in it as that is what they are known for.

Then when we are just about to the gulf we stop off at Lulu's @ Homeport(Jimmy Buffet's sister)for some great food and libations. This place is always packed. It's great though to sit next to the water drinking a cold beer and feeling the balmy breezes pass by. I wouldn't miss this part of the trip for anything.

Friday will be spent on the beautiful sand listening to the water and RELAXING. I can't wait for that part. This past year has been a doozy and I need the break to let loose and have some fun.

On Friday night we will once again hit the Florabama! On the state line of Alabama and Florida, this famous roadhouse boasts a laidback environment free from judgements and worries. The people that frequent this place are a mix of preppy college kids,bikers, seniors, 30-somethings and everything else. I have never seen such a diverse group of people in one place where the smell of stale beer,salt water, and smoke has a calming, accept everyone effect on people. This place is so much fun. Our role in this? Cougars. Oh yeah.

On Saturday we will hit the beach again and most likely recover. lol

Another Alabama institution we will visit is a restaurant called Tacky Jack's. Seafood galore housed in a three story shack on the water. AWESOME!

And finally, no trip to Gulf Shores would be complete without some tacky crap from Souvenir City. Hahahahaha Sweet!

With all of this fun though I am giving myself a few guidelines based on last year's excesses.
1. I shall not drink vodka on the beach. Direct sun, extreme heat, and vodka does not a good cocktail make. Lesson learned.
2. I shall wear a hat as to avoid burning the top layer of my brain.
3. I shall reapply sunscreen every 30 min. no matter what the SPF is rather than looking at my watch in a vodka laden stupor shouting "hey! I'm red!"
4. I shall not reveal my legal name to anyone. On Thursday I will be AKA Lola.
5. I will drink more water.
6. I will take more pictures and cherish every single moment that I am away so that I can cherish every single moment to coming back.

I can't wait for 5:00pm Wednesday! Hurry! Hurry!



What a great summary of our trip. I literally laughed out loud at the "Hey, I'm red" part and am still giggling writing this!

Ha ha! That's great! I am SO SO excited!! Lord knows we've all had a helluva year, and osme R&R with good friends is most definitely in order. We're gonna have a ball!

Ohhhh, sooooo jealous! You're going to have so. much. fun. :)

Thanks for the call tonight - I wish I'd had more time to talk! We definitely have to get together next month. It's going to happen.

Be safe and enjoy your trip! Can't wait to hear about it when you return!

I know the girls and I will have fun at Disneyland this weekend, but I think I'd rather be with you, relaxing! Have a drink for me.

Sunburned brain, LMAO!!! I've experienced that myself. I can't wait til we go to Florida in November. Ocean side though, I've never been to the Gulf side. =(

Sunburned brain, LMAO!!! I've experienced that myself. I can't wait til we go to Florida in November. Ocean side though, I've never been to the Gulf side. =(

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