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1.I have never been in love. Almost, but not quite.
2.Sometimes I seriously wonder if there is something wrong with me in that department or whether I just haven't met the right one.
3.I have been rejected 3 different times in my life by my dad.
4. I think this has something to do with why I can't find the right one.
5.I have an amazing memory when it comes to song lyrics and music.
6.Just don't ask me what I had for breakfast that morning. Huh? Breakfast? I don't know!
7.I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was little.
8.I love anything to do with “excavating”.
9.My son makes me a better person every day.
10.Being his mom is hard, but worth it.
11.I would love to have another kid someday.
12.I don't know if I ever will.
13.I love cheesy movies. i.e. Xanadu, A Chorus Line, Center Stage, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
14.I invite my friends over to watch these movies and we drink wine and eat dip.
15.One of my favorite songs is Just Like Heaven by The Cure. Everything fades away when I hear it.
16.I secretly want to be famous.
17.I am a big chicken and have bad stage fright.
18.But, I can do karaoke.
19.I usually have to have a drink before though.
20.I have a low tolerance for alcohol.
21.I have one sister.
22.We did not get along well AT ALL when we were younger.
23.After she became a mom we became closer.
24.My mom raised both of us by herself.
25.I have no idea how she did it. I think she's amazing.
26.My eyes were blue until I was 12, and then they changed to blue/green. Now they are mostly green.
27.They have orange in them.
28.I have a hard time returning library books.
29.And movies.
30.I used to pay a lot of late fees.
31.Netflix is my hero.
32.I love magazines. Any kind. Lots of varied info in a portable, condensed package. Perfect!
33.I am a bit of a geek.
34.I love the smell of coffee, but I can't get used to the taste.
35.I am obsessed with things that smell like clean laundry.
36.I own a perfume called CLEAN.
37.My favorite perfume is Romance by Ralph Lauren.
38.I am obsessed with music.
39.I wish there was a soundtrack to my life playing in the background.
40.I love bookstores and disappear for hours in them.
41.I have a lot of books. I don't have enough.
42.I make cupcakes as a hobby.
43.I procrastinate.
44.My favorite color is blue.
45.My bedroom is blue and white.
46.I don't get enough sleep.
47.I stay up late because I feel like I will miss out on something.
48.I performed at the opening ceremonies of Disneyland Paris when I turned 18.
49.I got lost on the Metro, and ended up looking for Jim Morrison's grave.
50.I wish I could travel more.
51.I would love to take a year to travel around the world.
52.I really want to go to Prince Edward Island, Canada.
53.I want to learn to play the piano.
54.And the guitar.
55.I love learning.
56.I was a preschool teacher for 11 years.
57.Sometimes I miss it, but not nearly enough to go back.
58.Fall is my favorite time of year.
59.I really love Christmas traditions.
60.I am fiercely loyal.
61.I have really great friends.
62.My favorite flowers are peonies, hydrangeas, and peachy/pink roses.
63.I can't stand the sound of liquid being poured into a glass.
64.I do love the sound of running water in a creek.
65.I am hopelessly flawed.
66.I'm o.k. with that
67.I wish I was smarter.
68.I am on the internet way too much.
69.I love to take photos.
70.I would love to make that my profession.
71.I'm generally an optimistic person.
72.I am a people pleaser.
73.I worry about dying young.
74.I have A LOT of flip flops. I still call them thongs sometimes, out of habit.
75.I always use my turn signals.
76.My pet peeve is when other drivers don't.
77.I'm not a chocolate lover, but I do like chocolate almonds.
78.I love plain vanilla ice cream.
79.I'm bad about returning calls.
80.I love the beach.
81.I lived in California for 28 years.
82.I used to go to Disneyland once or twice a week when my son was between 2 and 3.
83.I wish I were more organized.
84.See # 43
85.Sometimes I miss my friend Yvette so much it hurts to breathe.
86.She is my female soul mate.
87.I don't like slasher movies. They make me physically ill.
88.I like suspenseful movies.
89.I don't like animal movies. They make me cry too much.
90.I believe in treating people as you want to be treated.
91.I believe even mean people need to be show kindness.
92.I believe in helping people.
93.I like talking to senior citizens. They have great stories.
94.I really like cheeseburgers.
95.I need to eat more vegetables.
96.I like my eyes.
97.I don't like my cheeks.
98.I like my hair.
99.I don't like my hair.
100. I am weird. I like that.



We are a lot alike.

Fantastic 100 things!

I understand your love of Netflix; I recommend BooksFree.com to take care of that library problem!

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