Beauty 101

Posted by Felicia on 2:03 PM
Recently,I have had some new things happen in my life that have me reflecting on previous attitudes, ideas, and the like.
All of my life I have always struggled with the issue of beauty as told to us by popular opinion. As women we are bombarded daily with a barrage of magazines,books, and media that tell us what is beautiful. On the cover of every beauty magazine is an image of a woman almost impossible to emulate. Only if we have the right figure,the right clothes, the right shoes, the right make-up, the right hair and accessories are we deemed beautiful, or so I was led to believe from reading them. It started early too with my ventures into teen magazines. I wanted to look like those girls. They had boyfriends, and were popular. I wanted that too. I really wanted that. Oh sure, my mom always said I was pretty, but she's my mom. They have to say stuff like that. The thing is, I was never going to be or have those things that made those girls beautiful. I envied my pretty friends and their pretty things.
I was always the girl a little bit bigger than the others and therefore deemed unworthy of the beauty banner. Every magazine only made me feel worse about myself. I was only made to feel worse when my grandmother used to say things like, "You have such a pretty face, if you lost weight you would be beautiful." I know she didn't mean to hurt me, but for a girl already feeling like an ugly duckling it only made me feel worse.
I hid all of my feelings about this down inside, and did my best to be the sweet, funny girl. I had a lot of friends in high school, and was well liked. Over the years I had found some confidence in the way I looked and it paid off. I was realizing that what counted most wasn't what people saw on the outside. People who you like inevitably become more attractive to you the more you get to know them.

By the time I was an adult I became even more confident in my appearance because I made the best of what was in me, inside AND outside. I started focusing on my attributes instead of tearing myself down and living by someone else's idea of beauty. I began to OWN who I was and what I looked like, and I noticed a difference. As of today, I no longer try to put myself down or let others opinions of my looks, body or otherwise, affect how I feel about myself. When you feel beautiful, sexy , and confident in yourself eventually people will notice because confidence makes all the difference in the world.



Such a great attitude. If only you would rub off on me! Confidence is something I've always struggled with, but as the years go on, it's getting easier - thank God!

Great post from a great gal. :)

When I was in high school, I was always self conscious too. I was too skinny with what felt like enormous boobs compared to the other girls, so I wore baggy clothes. I never had the name brand stuff and wanted it so much. Now I still don't buy it and I could. LOL I realized I'd rather just be comfortable than fashionable.

My problem is, whenever I'm starting to feel sexy or attractive, that's usually when I bump into a wall, trip over my feet, or someone points out ink on my face!

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