Showered with Embarrassment

Posted by Felicia on 12:33 PM
Embarrassing moments. We all have them. Some more than others. I seem to be prone to them and have had quite a few embarrassing moments in my life.

When I was a sophomore in high school I was part of a group called Youth In Government (cough* GEEK) where we formed a mock government and took conference trips to pass bills and elect officials. We would take 2 trips to San Luis Obispo before our big Sacramento trip where we stayed at Camp San Luis Obispo. We stayed in 2 person barrack shacks that were scattered all over and of course we had barrack type latrines and shower facilities. On that particular trip the girls in our area were complaining that we did not have a bathroom/shower close to us yet there were 2 designated for boys within 15 ft of each other. It was brought up at our last group assembly for the night in front of some 2000 high school students. By 9:30pm, we were all a little caged at that point. The advisors noticed the mistake on the map and announced that latrine #456(whatever) would now be designated for girls. I was happy now that I no longer had to trek a bajillion miles to take a shower.
When I got back to my shack I got all my shower gear and clothes and told my shackmate where I was going and asked if she wanted to come with. She declined saying she had a card game to go to in Tim's shack.
I walked to the newly female designated restroom facility and tore down the paper sign that read BOYS. The entire place was empty! Woohooo...all to myself. This one even had shower curtains. Clearly it had been an error on the advisors part to make this a boys area. Ppfffttt. Out of 15 curtained shower heads I chose the middle one. I put my clothes down on the wooden bench against the opposite wall and went into my little shower "stall". I turned the water on and let the hot water run over me.
A few minutes later I heard someone walk into the bathroom. Oh well. I knew I couldn't be alone for long with 1999 other kids around. "Who's in here?" a voice called out from the door. O.M.G. It was a guy. My heart panicked and I poked my head out of the shower and screamed out " Get the hell out! This is a girls bathroom. I'm showering!!!" The guy looked shocked to see me and yelled out that it was a boys bathroom. He clearly had not been listening at the meeting. I told him to get the hell out AGAIN and he disappeared.
By this time my heart was racing and I hastily finished my shower. Just as I turned the water off I heard voices. PLURAL. " Dude! There is a girl in there! I'm telling you. She's SHOWERING!" I just talked to her." I could hear about 5 boys talking and shushing each other. I had a mild heart attack. I obviously could not run to the bench and get my clothes because they would be in the bathroom in 1 second. I quickly grabbed the metal tubing that ran along the wall above me and placed my feet on the ones near the floor so they couldn't see my feet if they happened to walk by the stalls. No sooner had I done that when the boys walked in looking for "the girl". I could hear them looking through the whole bathroom and talking excitedly hoping they would catch a glimpse. I was mortified. "She's not here!" said one. "Her stuff is still here. What? Did she run out naked?" said another. I clamped down tighter on the tubing above me, my hands aching, trying to hold on. Shit.

After about 30 more seconds they gave up. They never did check the stalls. Thank Gawd! They left and I stood there shaking and nervous that they would come back. After another 5 minutes of shivering I finally got out and quickly dressed and ran out to get back to my shack. I ran into my friend John and he huddled me back to my room. I didn't sleep much that night.

The next morning in the mess hall I sat down to eat with my other delegates and overheard the boys at the next table talking about the girl they almost caught in the shower last night. I looked at John who started laughing by then, and I quickly got up, put my hands next to my face and walked out of the mess hall afraid the boy would recognize me. I was never a more brighter shade of red. Next time I think I might just trek the bajillion miles to the bathroom clearly marked GIRLS.

* HEY! Make me feel better and tell me an embarrassing moment of your own.*



In the ninth grade I fell UP the steps of my high school ... with a skirt on ... as the guy I had a crush on walked behind me. I'm sure he saw everything (if you know what I mean). I was mortified - especially when he looked down at me and continued up the steps without even helping me up or acknowledging what had just happened.

Oh, man, WAY too many to list them all!

I never really had anything embarrassing happen to me in high school, other than the typical being embarrassed because my clothes didn't match or were out of style, etc.

I think I have repressed all my super embarrassing moments, thank GOD!

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