Whine & Sympathy

Posted by Felicia on 11:14 AM
I was not in the greatest of moods yesterday. In a moment of superhero weakness I succumbed to the delicate female condition and spent the majority of the day on the couch bemoaning my curse. On top of that I had a bunch of housework that needed to be done, I was tired and grumpy,I was worried about other things, and the constant whining coming from my child was causing me to have random daydreams about dropping him off on someone else's doorstep for a week armed with his legos and a week's supply of waffles. Ok, so really not something I would do of course, but tempting at the time. Instead I watched Pride & Prejudice and called in for emotional reinforcement.
I called Beth and J. Both gave sympathy and offers of company and ice cream. I declined on both seeing as how I wouldn't be the best company and Ben & Jerry would only have offered empty calories. DELICIOUS calories, but empty nonetheless. It was the thought that counted. They listened to my whining and gave me what I needed at that moment. An ear.
Sometimes all you need is for someone to listen and tell you everything is going to be o.k. It might not be, but it's nice to have friends who know when to tell it to you straight and when to soothe your troubles with sympathy and nice words.
We all have our moments of weakness where we feel like the world is going to cave in on us, and at any moment you may break from the pressure of holding everything up, but you can always count on your friend to sit next to you and take some of the pressure off of that burden even if all that involves is saying, I know sweetie. You're not alone. And as it turns out, I'm really not. I have friends. I am never alone.



So true! I tell my girls that when they're down, they should start thinking of all the people that love them and care about them. It's truly amazing when you stop and think about it!

And that's the best feeling in the world - even when the world sucks. :) I hope you're feeling better today!

Yes! Friends that listen to your woes are the best! You don't even want them to figure out your problems or fix them, just to listen and be sympathetic.

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