Into the Groove

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Baseball gives every American boy a chance to excel, not just to be as good as someone else but to be better than someone else. This is the nature of man and the name of the game.”

Ted Williams(American Baseball Player, 1918-2002)

Like me, Colin has always been the kind of kid that took his time finding his niche in things. He is a careful observer and watches and mimics what he sees. He picks things up pretty darn fast. Such is the case yesterday at his first baseball practice for "Fall Ball". He hadn't played since he was 5 and then it was using a tee to hit and trying to get your kid to run around the bases in the right direction. So very cute, but at the time he was very bored which explains why he had no desire to play again. Until now. We attended my friend Beth's son's games this spring and the baseball bug bit. HARD. SO I signed him up for the fall session because it is a good place for beginners to learn the game or for former players who just want to keep playing and hone their skills.

When he got out onto the field I was happy and nervous for him because most of the boys on his team had played continuously and thus knew how to throw, hit, and field. It immediately became apparent just how rusty he was. When it was his turn to field he missed, fumbled and threw the ball which came nowhere near the first baseman. Um.... he threw like a girl. Yikes. I cringed inwardly hoping he wouldn't get discouraged. But true to form within 20 min he was fielding them and making it all the way to the first baseman. And when it was his turn to hit, he got it on the first try and smacked it out into left field. Four times. He was finding his niche. He was grinning ear to ear when he walked off the field.

Once back in the dugout he walked over to where I was and said, "Did you see me hit mom?" "I sure did! You hit it on the first try!" I said smiling at him. The Asst. coach overheard me and said, "That's a hitter right there." Colin practically swelled with pride and I swear I saw his chest puff up. "Hey coach. That first ball I hit? That was what you call a line drive, right?" The coach smiled and looked at me and said to him, "Yes, I believe it was." I think he found his groove.

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Here Comes The Sun

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This blog needs a major shot of happiness. I have been down for too long, and that is just not like me. You know it's time to turn it around when your boss tiptoes around you and asks you every half hour if you're ok because he knows you've been mentally gouging his eyeballs out with paper clips.:)
So the last couple of days have felt pretty good. I'm making the universe work for me and changing my karma around.

Things learned in past week.
1. Panic attacks will make food unappetizing. Bonus.
2. Guitar Hero III= Major time suck.
3. Mis-prioritization of tasks will make you a Guitar Hero champion.
4. Great friends ALWAYS make you feel better.
5. I am better when I am honest with myself and don't try to be some other stupid version of myself.
6. Wine is good.

Pounds lost in last 2 weeks due to unappetizing idea of eating.
Fit into kinda tight work pants today that are not tight at all. Sweet.

Total el b's lost in 2 months?
Twelve Even sweeter. Am starting to see my curves again.

Things never to understimate.
1. The healing power of my favorite song Just Like Heaven by The Cure. ALWAYS feels better.
2 That singing of said song in the car at the top of your lungs no matter what you look like to others will make you smile. A lot.
2. The power of a hug.
3. The power of your kid's love for you even when you suck as a parent.
4. The cathartic effect of blogging.
5. The power of your blogging friends who comment on your site and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you for the support.

A lady came in this morning to pay her bill and she always comes in like Eeyore. Life NEVER seems to be good for her and nothing positive comes out of her mouth. My smiles have no effect on her.
Me: Hi! How are you? Isn't it gorgeous out? It's nice to see the sun out after all of that rain.

Eeyore: It's still wet out. It ain't that gorgeous.

Me: Yes it is. It's just like heaven.

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I've seen a million faces...and I've Rocked Them All!

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My hand...let me show you it.

That my friends is a condition. A very serious condition, deformity, if you will, caused from hard rocking. A common deformity due to overuse of GUITAR HERO. Oh, but yes. Now granted I am late to the game as most people have been playing this for a very long time, but I was only recently introduced to it. And since then, I have purchased my own game set and as a result I now need surgery to correct the deformity to my fingers. Haha!
Boy, I really had no idea what a time suck that game is. Seriously, I told myself one game just to practice. Cut to 2 hrs later. I'm still playing and my fingers are aching, but I CANNOT STOP. I'm sorry, but when Slash challenges you to a battle...you battle! Oh, and I won. Welcome to MY Jungle! What? Laundry? Household chores? What's that?
Colin, in his usual "quick study" style, managed to get it down after 2 tries. Me, not so much. Of course now that I've played it more it has gotten easier.

If I'm not blogging please come find me and seek medical attention for me to surgically remove the guitar from my hands.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have some more playing laundry to do.

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And That's Lunch!

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At lunch today with my friend Beth and her co-workers.

David: You didn't see the Verne Troyer sex tape?

Me: No. But I read about it. I think he got lost in the tub under all the bubbles.

Brian: How big was the tub?

David: Like jacuzzi size. She could have at least not filled it up all the way. The guy could have drowned.

Brian: How the heck did they...do stuff??

Beth: What are you guys talking about down there?

David: Midget porn

Beth: *sigh*

Me: Wow. Time to go already?

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You Give Love A Bad Name!

Posted by Felicia on 10:44 AM
I think I am definitely convinced that Bon Jovi was put on this earth to make the awesomely fantastic album Slippery When Wet to make us happy. Amen.

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No More W(h)ining

Posted by Felicia on 2:04 PM
Coming home last night after another crappy day I quickly shed my work clothes and crawled into some comfy pjs. What to do for dinner? I was so not in the mood to cook. Pizza! YES! Perfect! I was still tense and on edge and was trying to breathe through the stress when I opened the fridge. Ooooh.....I still have wine. A very lovely, cold, Sauvignon Blanc. Now ordinarily I do not drink when I have had a shitty day because at that point there would be no restraint and it would only cause me to start crying massive tears into my wine glass and that's just not cool. Plus, I don't want to drink and start feeling all sorry for myself and wallow in my self-pity alone. My pity party. Bring cake! I decided,however, that since I was on day 2 of crappy days, I could therefore justify drinking one glass to relax and calm my nerves. Besides, pizza would be here in 30 min. It wouldn't be bad at all. I grabbed a regular drinking glass,not even caring that it wasn't a wine glass. Fancy am I. I poured some wine into it and proceeded to drink it while I ordered pizza. Within minutes I was feeling a bit better. I sat down on the couch and put my feet up.
Did you know that 30 min of sipping on wine waiting for pizza is good enough time to get light-headed and fuzzy? ( I have the tolerance of a gnat)Apparently you will turn on the TV and find VH1 classics and deem A-ha's Take On Me video the greatest song EVER and the video totally bitchin!. Why didn't you become a groupie?!? You continue to countdown the hits of the 80s and relive your crush on George Michael ALL OVER again. Back then you thought gay meant happy. HAHA.
Then when the pizza guy comes you will profess your love for him and give him a disgustingly big tip because...DUDE...he brought food...to your house...and you didn't have to cook it! If that's not love...ok...it could just be his job. Whatever. :P
I ate a slice and finished my wine hoping I would start to get sleepy and slip comfortably into slumber. I got on the internet instead and began to catch up on things. Probably not the best time to read anything tragic. The tears started flowing a bit. I decided enough was enough and I would have to find something funny to watch because even though I wasn't crying over myself, I clearly did not listen to my "no wine when blue" rule. As it turns out you will watch episodes of The Office to make you laugh and will relive your crush for "JIM" all over again. Why didn't you become a groupie?!?

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Against the Wind

Posted by Felicia on 12:04 PM
I am on edge today. Really f*&%ing, twisting my hair, wanna run til my lungs give out, edgy. The kind of edgy where you don't know if you should have a really good cry or go off on the next person who royally pisses you off. At this point it might be both. I know this feeling won't last forever. I want to think positively and believe that things will only get better. I am a positive person by nature, but every girl has her off day.
I woke up with a feeling that things weren't quite right and at 8:35AM I found myself still stuck in traffic on a road I hardly ever go down on a day that had me thinking about taking different roads. Was this some sort of cosmic fortelling of my day? Perhaps. Or maybe it was just adding to my already rooting feeling of impending doom for the day. I got to work 20 min. late and tried to shake off the feeling of ickiness that threatened to ruin my day.
Then when I think things couldn't get worse. Things won't print, customers whine and won't listen. Boss who hovers like a police helicopter in pursuit of a criminal. Computer jams up...starting over. That knot in the pit of your stomach that threatens to send the contents of your meager breakfast upwards. The realization that as a person on the clock, cutting out early means 5 hrs less on your paycheck. Ugh.
I know...I know. Pour me a nice big cup of Shut the Hell Up. But, hey, we all have our days like this, right?
I am reminded of a day when I was about 12 and my world felt like it was crashing down. Things were tumultuous and changing, and I was feeling out of control. I had P.E. 2nd period with our Nazi-like gym teachers whose idea of fun was to make you run a cross-country. I hated running. I dreaded it every day and knowing it was mandatory only added to my anxiety. I was always in the back of my group. But that day was different. We had to run a figure eight around the school. I started out at my usual pace and watched the other kids pass me by. That knot in my stomach got bigger and to ease it I ran harder. I ran even harder and ended up near the front of my class. I ran and ran until my lungs felt like exploding. When I finally reached the end, I burst into tears and walked away. I felt better and worse. Relieved, but hurting.
Today is like that. I either need to run harder or I need a really big fucking hug.

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Colin: Ooooooh..pancakes!!! MMMMMmmmmmm Thank you.*Puts bite in mouth* These are really good mom. Thanks for cooking them for me.

Me: You're welcome sweetie.

Colin: Or should I say...thanks for heating them up? hahahahahahaha

Me: Punk. I MADE those and stored them in the freezer remember? So technically I did both.

Colin: Not bad...for heating up. hahaha

* He starts his Romanian gypsy circus career next week. Punk.*

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Shout Outs

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I need to give some THANK YOU shout outs today.

To the makers of Midol- Thank you. Your combination of ingredients allowed me to feel human again, and gave me much needed relief. Without you I might have committed numerous, murderous acts against the general population. Thank you for allowing me to live free from criminal acts and thus saving me from a life behind bars. I am forever in your debt.

To Mother Nature- Thank you for making tasty, tasty oranges so that we may squeeze its delicious juices into cartons and partake of its sweet orangey goodness. Yeah for Vitamin C!-

To the makers of high thread count sheets- Thank you for providing me with an excuse to never get out of bed again while I recover in luxurious comfort. Can I get an Amen?

To Advil PM- Thank you for giving me the gift of a good night's sleep with the promise of no pain. I think I'm in love with you.

To Beth- Thank you for taking my calls late at night and calling to check on me. You are my specialist friend. And not short-bus special either. Awesome special.

To RR- Thank you for being there for me. You are awesome, and your biceps are kick-ass. ;)

Now if I could only get back to bed...

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Back to School-2008-2009 Edition

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I am subtitling this "Thank You Sweet 8 lb. Baby Jesus"

Today! Today! The first day of school is here. *tear*. I'm just so happy. Excuse me a minute while I wipe my eyes. No, it's not sadness. It's outright JOY. haha Summer camp tuition-OVER! Late summertime bedtime hours-OVER! Whining about nothing to do-OVER!

Lest you think I am heartless and cruel, I did take pictures for his album. He looked awfully cute. But I "have to say that because I'm his mom." You know.
In any case I hope he has a great first day of school.
My first day of 5th grade was intimidating. We had just moved to a new city and I had to leave all of my old friends behind and face the prospect of making new ones all over again. This would be the fourth time in 2 years I had to do this.This time though we were staying put. I was excited and completely nervous.
I picked out my outfit for the day. It was a gray corduroy(shut up!)sleeveless dress that had a light gray plaidish type shirt with peter pan collar to go underneath. White knee socks and gray mary jane shoes completed the ensemble. You all can stop laughing now. It was AWESOME. I loved that outfit. Ok, ok, I was a complete dork. My outfit...let me show you it.(some of it anyway) I can has taste?

My son however? Cool as a cucumber. Of course I may find out 25 years from now he was a nervous pile of goo and was being cool for my sake. Kids. Geesh.

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Gotta go now. I have something in my eye.

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Going Barefoot

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Did you ever find a really great pair of shoes that from the minute you saw them you wanted them? You didn't know why and had no reason to get them, but you knew you had to have them. You tried them on and walked up and down the aisles of the store and swore to yourself what a good fit they were even if they were a teensy bit tight. Of course they'll loosen up though, you thought to yourself. It just takes a while to find that comfortable point, and sometimes shoes are like that;you have to walk in them to know if they're the right shoe for you. And maybe this pair of shoes was a different color or style than you would normally get, but you were smitten with them so you decided to get them. You could tell though that this particular pair wanted you too. They screamed out for you, and they were so shiny and new and just such great shoes that you made the impulse buy. And you were so glad you did because it felt so good to be in them, and you loved how they looked when they were on.

When you wore those shoes you felt beautiful and they made you feel good inside as if nothing could get you down. You could definitely see being in those shoes for awhile and wearing them with everything, that's how cool these shoes were. People noticed you in those shoes. You were confident, happy,and positively glowing with them on.

You took care of those shoes too. Those weren't just any shoes. You were careful to mind the puddles and the mud. You put them away with care instead of just throwing them on the floor by the door because it was convenient. But then a few weeks went by and you started to notice that you didn't feel as special when you were in those shoes. They were starting to pinch when they were on, and you started getting that feeling that maybe they didn't go with everything or that you were just so taken by them and wanted them so badly at first that you didn't notice that they were trying to tell you they pinched from the beginning. You started wearing them less and less. Those shoes weren't really calling out to you to wear them as much. You felt bad because you invested some time and happy memories in them, but now they weren't working out. You stuck it out for a little bit, but eventually you realized that they were never meant to be your shoes. The shoes didn't just pinch you, they hurt you. But you didn't know that until you walked in them. Oh sure, you could have kept them around and taken them out every now and then, but would it have made you as happy? No. It was probably best to let them go. Those shoes would find a new owner and be a better fit.
You would always remember those shoes though. They were awesome shoes. Someday you knew that you would find a pair that you just knew you could wear for years and years to come. But for the time being? For the time being you would go without. And somehow you knew that you were going to be ok going barefoot.

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Back to School Time!

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Remember Back-to-School time? The excitement of new school clothes, new school supplies, and the like always made me feel good until the second week of school wherein I hated homework and could care less if I ever saw another pencil again. Bleh.
I braved the aisles of our local Target yesterday to pick up the much needed school supplies that Colin will need to fulfill his 5th grade destiny of becoming the "coolest" kid which apparently includes skulls and flames on his lunchbox, a "Trapper Keeper-esque" folder, and a backpack the size of a compact car.
In Alabama this weekend our legislature gives us 3 days tax-free to purchase school supplies and clothes to give the public a break. I normally wait until that weekend, but after last year's experience of fighting for wide-ruled paper and driving to 5 different locations to find graph paper, I decided to go early and just get it done. I would spend more in gas than it would cost to just pay the FRIGGIN 8% tax. I'll probably take advantage of the tax break to buy clothes, but the hassle of fighting carts and hearing over zealous mothers scream at their kids to-FIND THE 3 PRONGED FOLDERS! Not THAT kind, the OTHER kind! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY'RE OUT?!?!?-is not worth it. I would sooner take a freshly sharpened No. 2 pencil and jab it in my eye.

I swear that back when I was a kid in the 80s all we were required to purchase were folders, pencils, pens, and paper. NOW? Now we are required to purchase 2! 2 packs of dry erase markers, 1200 pieces of loose leaf paper, 80(yes 80) pencils, composition books, and tons of 3 PRONGED FRICKIN POCKET FOLDERS. Because apparently I am required to buy school supplies for the ENTIRE 5th grade! What the hell happened?
All things taken into account though I am glad the boy is going back. He's been a major pain in the butt lately with his pre-pubescent attitude and I am really close to shipping him off to military school. ATTENTION! Despite the looming threat of homework hell it will be nice to have him back and busy and challenged.

After our little shopping adventure I stopped by the food court to buy him a hot dog and sit out the rainstorm. I asked him what he was most excited about this school year.
Colin: I am excited about new teachers, new friends, and new homework.
Me: New homework?
Colin: Well, you know, like more CHALLENGING homework.
Me: Oh! Were you not challenged enough in the 4th grade? Challenging could mean harder ya know.
Colin: Yeah, but my bionic brain can handle it. I may have a small head, but it's full of brains.
Me: *snicker* I'm not even going to take the shot.
Colin: What? You think my head is HUGE?
Me: No. It's just right.
Colin: If someone says my head is huge I would just say " YEAH! TO HOLD ALL OF MY BRAINS!" haha So there!
Me: Yeah! So There!
Colin: Don't you wish you were as smart as me Mom?
Me: I lay awake in bed wishing every night.
Colin: Duh.

Yep. Back to School. Hot damn!

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