And That's Lunch!

Posted by Felicia on 12:48 PM
At lunch today with my friend Beth and her co-workers.

David: You didn't see the Verne Troyer sex tape?

Me: No. But I read about it. I think he got lost in the tub under all the bubbles.

Brian: How big was the tub?

David: Like jacuzzi size. She could have at least not filled it up all the way. The guy could have drowned.

Brian: How the heck did they...do stuff??

Beth: What are you guys talking about down there?

David: Midget porn

Beth: *sigh*

Me: Wow. Time to go already?



Wow, I missed this story completely! Off to Google it...

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What a boob I am ... Let's try that again ... That sounded like a "short" lunch.

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