Back to School-2008-2009 Edition

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I am subtitling this "Thank You Sweet 8 lb. Baby Jesus"

Today! Today! The first day of school is here. *tear*. I'm just so happy. Excuse me a minute while I wipe my eyes. No, it's not sadness. It's outright JOY. haha Summer camp tuition-OVER! Late summertime bedtime hours-OVER! Whining about nothing to do-OVER!

Lest you think I am heartless and cruel, I did take pictures for his album. He looked awfully cute. But I "have to say that because I'm his mom." You know.
In any case I hope he has a great first day of school.
My first day of 5th grade was intimidating. We had just moved to a new city and I had to leave all of my old friends behind and face the prospect of making new ones all over again. This would be the fourth time in 2 years I had to do this.This time though we were staying put. I was excited and completely nervous.
I picked out my outfit for the day. It was a gray corduroy(shut up!)sleeveless dress that had a light gray plaidish type shirt with peter pan collar to go underneath. White knee socks and gray mary jane shoes completed the ensemble. You all can stop laughing now. It was AWESOME. I loved that outfit. Ok, ok, I was a complete dork. My outfit...let me show you it.(some of it anyway) I can has taste?

My son however? Cool as a cucumber. Of course I may find out 25 years from now he was a nervous pile of goo and was being cool for my sake. Kids. Geesh.

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Gotta go now. I have something in my eye.



Awwww.... so sweet. But you can hear the tad bit of impatience in his voice as he begins to get nervous as the bus nears close enough for other kids on it to see his mom videotaping him! :-)

Geez, our kids don't go back until the 26th.

Oh boy. Now I might need to get my fifth grade picture. The year of Mr. Broccoli, my first year at my new school, too. My outfit was no better (houndstooth pattern) and I was going through a massive baby fat stage. My cheeks looked like chipmunks.

I hope your guy has a great first day (or had?)

Wow, that's an early start! The girls don't start 'til August 25, and they're complaining that it's too early. (Their old district doesn't start 'til after Labor Day.) Thanks for telling us so I can tell them :)

I hope he had a great first day of 5th grade.

Aww, I think you looked cute! I have some great pics of me in plaid dresses and the like, and even a few polyester Little House on the Prairie style dresses. My parents hated me.

Oh my!! He couldn't be a cuter and sweeter kid. I got tears in my eyes watching the video. You should be proud... you've done a good job.

Sorry I have been absent lately... I am sooo ready for school to start too. I will try and catch up on your other posts soon.

Hi ... Came over from all the KKaos ... OMG! You must be so proud of that boy. I have three daughters (best daughters in the world) and never cared that I have no sons. I'm happy for you. I can feel the chemistry between you two. Awesome!

what a sweetheart! i love how he was politely looking for the bus without trying to hurt your feelings that he didn't want anyone to see you filming. he's going to be a heartbreaker one day because you trained him so well!

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