Back to School Time!

Posted by Felicia on 9:49 AM
Remember Back-to-School time? The excitement of new school clothes, new school supplies, and the like always made me feel good until the second week of school wherein I hated homework and could care less if I ever saw another pencil again. Bleh.
I braved the aisles of our local Target yesterday to pick up the much needed school supplies that Colin will need to fulfill his 5th grade destiny of becoming the "coolest" kid which apparently includes skulls and flames on his lunchbox, a "Trapper Keeper-esque" folder, and a backpack the size of a compact car.
In Alabama this weekend our legislature gives us 3 days tax-free to purchase school supplies and clothes to give the public a break. I normally wait until that weekend, but after last year's experience of fighting for wide-ruled paper and driving to 5 different locations to find graph paper, I decided to go early and just get it done. I would spend more in gas than it would cost to just pay the FRIGGIN 8% tax. I'll probably take advantage of the tax break to buy clothes, but the hassle of fighting carts and hearing over zealous mothers scream at their kids to-FIND THE 3 PRONGED FOLDERS! Not THAT kind, the OTHER kind! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY'RE OUT?!?!?-is not worth it. I would sooner take a freshly sharpened No. 2 pencil and jab it in my eye.

I swear that back when I was a kid in the 80s all we were required to purchase were folders, pencils, pens, and paper. NOW? Now we are required to purchase 2! 2 packs of dry erase markers, 1200 pieces of loose leaf paper, 80(yes 80) pencils, composition books, and tons of 3 PRONGED FRICKIN POCKET FOLDERS. Because apparently I am required to buy school supplies for the ENTIRE 5th grade! What the hell happened?
All things taken into account though I am glad the boy is going back. He's been a major pain in the butt lately with his pre-pubescent attitude and I am really close to shipping him off to military school. ATTENTION! Despite the looming threat of homework hell it will be nice to have him back and busy and challenged.

After our little shopping adventure I stopped by the food court to buy him a hot dog and sit out the rainstorm. I asked him what he was most excited about this school year.
Colin: I am excited about new teachers, new friends, and new homework.
Me: New homework?
Colin: Well, you know, like more CHALLENGING homework.
Me: Oh! Were you not challenged enough in the 4th grade? Challenging could mean harder ya know.
Colin: Yeah, but my bionic brain can handle it. I may have a small head, but it's full of brains.
Me: *snicker* I'm not even going to take the shot.
Colin: What? You think my head is HUGE?
Me: No. It's just right.
Colin: If someone says my head is huge I would just say " YEAH! TO HOLD ALL OF MY BRAINS!" haha So there!
Me: Yeah! So There!
Colin: Don't you wish you were as smart as me Mom?
Me: I lay awake in bed wishing every night.
Colin: Duh.

Yep. Back to School. Hot damn!



That boy is a riot! HA! He sure told you.

I have been wondering how I am going to afford all of that back to school crap once my son starts. I think it's flipping ridiculous and now they require you to put money down on BOOKS? WTF? THAT pisses me off.

Your boy is just TOO TOO funny!

Yeah, what in the hell is it with the dry erase markers this year? I've never had to buy those things before. Our son has a requirement for those as well - also going into 5th grade.

Could be worse - could be back in Norfolk where we were required to stock the entire school with various items such as paper towels, zip lock bags, kleenex, liquid soap, the list went on and on and on every year.

Colin is awesome! :)

Interesting..! It’s that time of year again for back to school. Well, I too shopped at Target to get school supplies for my son.

I really wish I had the girls' shopping list so I can get it done already!
His head looks just big enough to me!

My sister lives in Florida and they always get that tax break too. She said they CANCELLED it this year!! We don't even get then in Ohio. I'd buy all kinds of crap that day. I'd be punching old ladies and knocking down toddlers. It would be a free for all. =P Not really, I actually hate shopping and buy everything I can online and if I can't do that I make my husband go buy it for me.

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