Here Comes The Sun

Posted by Felicia on 7:06 AM
This blog needs a major shot of happiness. I have been down for too long, and that is just not like me. You know it's time to turn it around when your boss tiptoes around you and asks you every half hour if you're ok because he knows you've been mentally gouging his eyeballs out with paper clips.:)
So the last couple of days have felt pretty good. I'm making the universe work for me and changing my karma around.

Things learned in past week.
1. Panic attacks will make food unappetizing. Bonus.
2. Guitar Hero III= Major time suck.
3. Mis-prioritization of tasks will make you a Guitar Hero champion.
4. Great friends ALWAYS make you feel better.
5. I am better when I am honest with myself and don't try to be some other stupid version of myself.
6. Wine is good.

Pounds lost in last 2 weeks due to unappetizing idea of eating.
Fit into kinda tight work pants today that are not tight at all. Sweet.

Total el b's lost in 2 months?
Twelve Even sweeter. Am starting to see my curves again.

Things never to understimate.
1. The healing power of my favorite song Just Like Heaven by The Cure. ALWAYS feels better.
2 That singing of said song in the car at the top of your lungs no matter what you look like to others will make you smile. A lot.
2. The power of a hug.
3. The power of your kid's love for you even when you suck as a parent.
4. The cathartic effect of blogging.
5. The power of your blogging friends who comment on your site and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you for the support.

A lady came in this morning to pay her bill and she always comes in like Eeyore. Life NEVER seems to be good for her and nothing positive comes out of her mouth. My smiles have no effect on her.
Me: Hi! How are you? Isn't it gorgeous out? It's nice to see the sun out after all of that rain.

Eeyore: It's still wet out. It ain't that gorgeous.

Me: Yes it is. It's just like heaven.



yep. yep. i sing that song in my car too. really loud and really off key. but damn if it isn't better than prozac.

aw, glad to see you looking on the bright side. i agree that singing in the car will make you smile =) and i DON't agree that you suck as a parent!

Well, looking at your list, I'd say you are doing pretty damn good Felicia!

Good for you for trying to cheer up Eeyore. But he was always my fav Pooh character! :-)

You sound like you are feeling a little better! Yay! And congrats on the weight loss even if it did come from not feeling great. I wanted to lose 20 pounds by the time we go on vacation in 3 months, but I am so not motivated.

I'm glad you're feeling better!

So I'm getting curves, too...but in the other direction! My stomach is getting larger. Oi vey.

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