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Baseball gives every American boy a chance to excel, not just to be as good as someone else but to be better than someone else. This is the nature of man and the name of the game.”

Ted Williams(American Baseball Player, 1918-2002)

Like me, Colin has always been the kind of kid that took his time finding his niche in things. He is a careful observer and watches and mimics what he sees. He picks things up pretty darn fast. Such is the case yesterday at his first baseball practice for "Fall Ball". He hadn't played since he was 5 and then it was using a tee to hit and trying to get your kid to run around the bases in the right direction. So very cute, but at the time he was very bored which explains why he had no desire to play again. Until now. We attended my friend Beth's son's games this spring and the baseball bug bit. HARD. SO I signed him up for the fall session because it is a good place for beginners to learn the game or for former players who just want to keep playing and hone their skills.

When he got out onto the field I was happy and nervous for him because most of the boys on his team had played continuously and thus knew how to throw, hit, and field. It immediately became apparent just how rusty he was. When it was his turn to field he missed, fumbled and threw the ball which came nowhere near the first baseman. Um.... he threw like a girl. Yikes. I cringed inwardly hoping he wouldn't get discouraged. But true to form within 20 min he was fielding them and making it all the way to the first baseman. And when it was his turn to hit, he got it on the first try and smacked it out into left field. Four times. He was finding his niche. He was grinning ear to ear when he walked off the field.

Once back in the dugout he walked over to where I was and said, "Did you see me hit mom?" "I sure did! You hit it on the first try!" I said smiling at him. The Asst. coach overheard me and said, "That's a hitter right there." Colin practically swelled with pride and I swear I saw his chest puff up. "Hey coach. That first ball I hit? That was what you call a line drive, right?" The coach smiled and looked at me and said to him, "Yes, I believe it was." I think he found his groove.



Good for him! Whenever I picture someone puffing their chest up, I picture a beta fish doing his puff thing. Always makes me laugh.

YAY Colin!

I so wish Parker would find a groove in baseball - but he tends to sit on the bench a lot. He SO wants to be good at baseball, because his dad played the equivalent of AAA ball in Australia.

But I keep telling him that not everyone is good at the same thing, and that's a good thing. I tell him he would blow those other boys away in the pool, and he knows he would. But I think it bothers him a bit because they don't see him swim, they just see him suck at baseball.

Awwww, good for him!

That's so sweet, and that last picture of him is full of win! Yay for Colin!

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