I've seen a million faces...and I've Rocked Them All!

Posted by Felicia on 8:59 PM
My hand...let me show you it.

That my friends is a condition. A very serious condition, deformity, if you will, caused from hard rocking. A common deformity due to overuse of GUITAR HERO. Oh, but yes. Now granted I am late to the game as most people have been playing this for a very long time, but I was only recently introduced to it. And since then, I have purchased my own game set and as a result I now need surgery to correct the deformity to my fingers. Haha!
Boy, I really had no idea what a time suck that game is. Seriously, I told myself one game just to practice. Cut to 2 hrs later. I'm still playing and my fingers are aching, but I CANNOT STOP. I'm sorry, but when Slash challenges you to a battle...you battle! Oh, and I won. Welcome to MY Jungle! What? Laundry? Household chores? What's that?
Colin, in his usual "quick study" style, managed to get it down after 2 tries. Me, not so much. Of course now that I've played it more it has gotten easier.

If I'm not blogging please come find me and seek medical attention for me to surgically remove the guitar from my hands.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have some more playing laundry to do.



Ah yes - the kids are great at it. Me, not so much. Played once at Christmas, was booed off the stage. It was too funny though!

ha, that's awesome! i love guitar hero, and am only halfway glad that we don't have it in our house. mainly because i would have your same problem. i'm glad you and colin get to bond over such an experience =)

I'm bad enough w/ blogging and Freecell. As much fun as Guitar Hero looks, I'm staying far, far away.
Looks like a good reason to get a hand massage from a manicurist!

You're a Rock n'Roll Mama!

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