No More W(h)ining

Posted by Felicia on 2:04 PM
Coming home last night after another crappy day I quickly shed my work clothes and crawled into some comfy pjs. What to do for dinner? I was so not in the mood to cook. Pizza! YES! Perfect! I was still tense and on edge and was trying to breathe through the stress when I opened the fridge. Ooooh.....I still have wine. A very lovely, cold, Sauvignon Blanc. Now ordinarily I do not drink when I have had a shitty day because at that point there would be no restraint and it would only cause me to start crying massive tears into my wine glass and that's just not cool. Plus, I don't want to drink and start feeling all sorry for myself and wallow in my self-pity alone. My pity party. Bring cake! I decided,however, that since I was on day 2 of crappy days, I could therefore justify drinking one glass to relax and calm my nerves. Besides, pizza would be here in 30 min. It wouldn't be bad at all. I grabbed a regular drinking glass,not even caring that it wasn't a wine glass. Fancy am I. I poured some wine into it and proceeded to drink it while I ordered pizza. Within minutes I was feeling a bit better. I sat down on the couch and put my feet up.
Did you know that 30 min of sipping on wine waiting for pizza is good enough time to get light-headed and fuzzy? ( I have the tolerance of a gnat)Apparently you will turn on the TV and find VH1 classics and deem A-ha's Take On Me video the greatest song EVER and the video totally bitchin!. Why didn't you become a groupie?!? You continue to countdown the hits of the 80s and relive your crush on George Michael ALL OVER again. Back then you thought gay meant happy. HAHA.
Then when the pizza guy comes you will profess your love for him and give him a disgustingly big tip because...DUDE...he brought food...to your house...and you didn't have to cook it! If that's not love...ok...it could just be his job. Whatever. :P
I ate a slice and finished my wine hoping I would start to get sleepy and slip comfortably into slumber. I got on the internet instead and began to catch up on things. Probably not the best time to read anything tragic. The tears started flowing a bit. I decided enough was enough and I would have to find something funny to watch because even though I wasn't crying over myself, I clearly did not listen to my "no wine when blue" rule. As it turns out you will watch episodes of The Office to make you laugh and will relive your crush for "JIM" all over again. Why didn't you become a groupie?!?



Oh yes, I know how fuzzy one can get when drinking BEFORE eating. That sounds sooo yummy though. I want wine and pizza now.

this sounds...ahem...disturbingly familiar. except mine is red and my pizza has no cheese. which also makes me sad. so then i cry a little into my wine mug and make cupcakes. and god bless vh1.

yeah, it's all very familiar. i say practice makes perfect though, try it again, this time without the sad and see how it goes.

Ok, I'm SO not understanding your problem with being by yourself, crying into your wine! I mean, would you rather have others witness this? This is one of my favorite things to do when I'm feeling crappy! It gets all those feelings out in one big lump, and, so long as no drunk dialing occurs, no one gets hurt. I've never understood the "don't drink alone" rule, either. If no one's there to see you do it, what's the problem?
I hear you on the pizza guy. I feel that way every time anyone offers to bring me a Starbucks.

Okay THAT'S what I did wrong tonight. We got pizza for dinner (no, not delivery, because we live in the freaking boonies and no one in their right mind will deliver way the fuck out here), but I didn't have wine with it. Your pizza sounds so much better than my pizza.

Wait one minute - no wine - so why in the hell do I have such a headache? Crap, I seriously did it all wrong!

I have the same rule!!!

Except when it was a REALLY rough day. Then I make an exception and have 1 drink (that's happened twice).

At least you weren't naked when you opened the door for the pizza guy ;)

p.s. Come back to twitter

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