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Colin: Ooooooh..pancakes!!! MMMMMmmmmmm Thank you.*Puts bite in mouth* These are really good mom. Thanks for cooking them for me.

Me: You're welcome sweetie.

Colin: Or should I say...thanks for heating them up? hahahahahahaha

Me: Punk. I MADE those and stored them in the freezer remember? So technically I did both.

Colin: Not bad...for heating up. hahaha

* He starts his Romanian gypsy circus career next week. Punk.*



Stinker! My son once told me that the french toast at school and my HOMEMADE french toast was just as good as the other. Bah!

(this is Nat, BTW - I'm farting around with my name)

aw, you're a good mama!

Ahh, these tweens!

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