Posted by Felicia on 8:24 AM

This weekend found us making a visit to the carnival that came into town this past weekend. Much fun was had by everyone and we all left a little poorer and sweatier. I hate summer in the South.
Also, when your appetite has not been good for 2 weeks? Carnival Funnel Cake? Not such a good idea. Ugh.

"Mom? Can I be a carnie?"
"NO. Wait, I'm not going to say that. You can be whatever you want to be." *cringe*
"Would I have to fry stuff?"
"Among other things, yes."
"Then I don't want to be a carnie."
"Good call."



LOL I remember when my older brother wanted to be the guy who sells peanuts at baseball games. Boys! =D

Guess that rules out fry cook, too.

Love the pic of ferris wheel & sunset.

I felt ucky while at the fair yesterday myself - so I had apple crisp instead of funnel cake - I knew the greasy fried stuff with mess with my tummy.

Great pictures!! And now I am going to search for the nearest P.F. Changs cuz man, that's sounds good!

I've tagged you. Oops. Check it out.

i love the ferris wheel picture, too! i haven't been to a fair in AGES - looks like fun!

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