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Posted by Felicia on 11:42 AM
Everyone has those memories where in your life 2 different things are inextricably linked in your mind because of an event or a moment that happened and trying to seperate them is damn near impossible. They are unique to our life stories, experiences, etc... I will attempt to write down five sets of two things that are forever linked together for me.

1. Hall & Oates and blue braided exercise rope

2. Toffifay and Woolworth's

3. Lollipops and pigeons

4. Revlon Flex shampoo and Camp Roberts Army Base

5. Father Figure by George Michael and God.

You're probably thinking Como say huh? Yeah...lol memories are weird like that.

1. Hall & Oates and blue braided exercise rope.
Back in 1983 we lived in Palmdale, Ca. My mom and dad had just split up and my mom decided to take a jazzercise class (all the rage then)at the local rec. center to feel better. She would bring my sister and I and we would sit in the back watching her and 18 other women bounce around in their shiny lycra leotards and sweatbands. They used these blue nylon braided ropes for some of their moves and my sister and I grabbed one and proceeded to spend the remaining hour unbraiding and "brushing" it and the whole time we did that the entire album for Hall & Oates-Private Eyes was playing in the background. So whenever I hear I Can't Go For That I think of blue nylon braided rope.

2. Toffifay and Woolworth's
In our little desert town of Palmdale we didn't have a whole lot of stores there in the early 80s. We did have a Woolworth's though which if anyone had one, it was just a "five and dime" kind of store. I don't remember anything we got there except for this candy called Toffifay.
Whenever we went to that store we would get some and so if and when I ever see that candy I can't help but remember our trips to Woolworth's.

3. Lollipops and pigeons
I was almost 3 yrs old. We were in the parking lot of a restaurant and I had a lollipop in my hand. There were pigeons all around the parking lot and my uncle told me he would hold my lollipop for me so the pigeons wouldn't take it because I was little. When I asked for it back as we walked in he told me that the pigeons had stolen my lollipop.(He threw it away) I got so mad I screamed at the pigeons and tried to chase them off. I started to cry and when we went in to the restaurant the waitress asked why I was crying and I told her the "punk pigeons stole my lollipop". So yeah. I believed that for YEARS!! lol

4. Revlon Flex Shampoo and Camp Roberts Army Base
I was in high school and I was in a group called Youth in Government (*cough* geek) We would take weekend conference trips twice during the school year to Paso Robles for training. We stayed at the Camp Roberts army base. At the time I had just bought Revlon's Flex shampoo because I really liked the balsam scent and I took it up with me and liked it so much I kept bringing it with me and so now whenever I smell that I think of Camp Roberts.

5. Father Figure by George Michael and God.
This one is just a funny memory for me. It was 1988 and that song was everywhere on the radio. My very religious grandmother and I were driving in the car somehwere and that song came on. She heard George Michael sing...I will be your Father Figure, put your tiny hand in mine...and said " Ooooh a song about God!" I cringed and kept quiet because I knew what a mistake it would have been to open my mouth just then. After about 1 minute of listening to the song she said " Oh, I guess it's not!"
I had to try so hard not to smile or laugh. She told my mom later she didn't approve of me listening to that "smut" music. So yeah...Father Figure and GOD! lol

So now it's your turn. What things do you associate with each other and why?



My Youth in Government association is Bob Marley because of dancing around to reggae music one afternoon. I can't remember if I went to Camp Roberts, or if it was after my time. Annie definitely used to go there.

Some of these are funny! I'll have to ponder this, see what I can come up with!

Those are awesomely funny! Especially the last one.

I couldn't figure out why, driving down to my sister's, I got an overwhelming craving for rotisserie chicken (something I've never craved before). Then I remembered. The last time I'd been down there, we had to pick up about 30 cases of it from Costco for her step-son's wedding.

Oh, it's so true that memories come flooding back in a strange way.

I love the braided rope thing. My sister and I so would have done that too!!

I'm sure I have tons of them too, but will have to think. Maybe a post for another day...

I totally loved Toffifay. I wish I had some right now!

Poker Nights and Sarah Lee Pound Cake.

When my kids were little I used to play poker with the guys on Saturday nights. On my way home I would stop at an all night market and pick up a frozen Sarah Lee Pound Cake. I would leave it on the table so the kids would find it when they woke up. They have the same memory and often bring it up.

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