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Posted by Felicia on 12:07 PM
Ok, I'm sorry it took so long to answer this. We had a family tragedy on Tuesday. We are coping.

Ok...so for the answers.

1. Colin called me a corn chip.
True- I was putting him to bed one night and I said to him, "Goodnight my little Frito Bandito." He looked at me and said. " Goodnight my little corn chip." That kid is hilarious.

2. The Veggie Tales "Cheeseburger Song" may have changed the course of my life.
True- I've met someone and things took a different turn after I sang him this song. lol Go figure. I think it a testament to my quirky self. My course may lead me down under in the future. Things are looking good.

3. I backed into another car causing $600 worth of damage. On Halloween.
True- Fuck all. Damnit. Shit. Hell. Ok....yeah that's gonna continue to hurt for 3 years.

4. I read 5 books in 7 days.
True- I began watching True Blood on HBO and found the books. They were like CRACK! Just sayin...lol So good I whipped through 5 of them in a week. Oh hey...what's that? I have laundry? And a kid to feed? Dishes? huh?

5. I took my cat Milo for a walk outside on a leash.
True- Some new crappy neighbors complained that my cat had been on their car. The guy made a point to tell me cats wandering around without a leash are subject to a $500 fine. I apologized and he said," no problem...hopefully it won't happen again or I'll be forced to call." Can you say asshole cat hater? The last time I tried to keep my cat in he got stressed and got a bladder infection and swelling from anxiety. The vet recommended I let him be an indoor/outdoor cat. Oh well. So I strapped a leash on my cat and took him out? Can we say FAIL. I hate my new neighbor.

Well Holly...you were the first one to guess correctly! You win a $15 gift card for Starbucks. Just email me your mailing info.
Thanks for playing along everyone!



seriously? your neighbor was going to report you because your cat wasn't on a leash? what a moron. i'd be so pissed if any of my neighbors did that. i hope you're doing ok.

I had NO idea that anywhere in the US there were LEASH LAWS for Cats. Are you kidding me? WHAT AN ASS your neighbor is.

OH WOW! I don't think I've ever won anything! No, wait, Mikaela and I won a raffle about 4 years ago at a geocaching event. I'm SO excited!

The nearest Starbucks is well over an hour from here. So, I would really love to 'gift' it back to you for you and a friend to enjoy a relaxed coffee & muffin! mmmwwwaaa!

Hmmmm - down under, hey? I brought a husband back from there! :-)

Sorry about the fender bender - it blows, doesn't it?

Although, not as much as your cat hating neighbor! Lease law - for a cat! That is just bizzare!

Most importantly of all of this posting - I'm sending you lots of hugs to deal with your family tragedy. Hope all is well or will be in time, and hope the whole family is coping well.

Congrats to Holly! That friggin sucks about the car and the stupid cat hating neighbor.

"I so much wish I could place a comment here today."
-Practically Joe

On behalf of Rodney, the Practically Wisdom Blog Team is visiting everyone on the list of BLOGs he follows. He would like you to know that he greatly enjoys reading your posts and commenting on them.

Unfortunately Rodney, sorry, we mean Practically Joe, has been heavily sedated for a long period of time now, following an accident which left him with two broken ribs and a number of minor injuries.

He has been coming along fine and asked the team to post an account of the incident, which was posted on Sunday, 11/23.

We have great expectations that he shall return soon, as good as new. He wishes you and every blogger a Great Thanksgiving Holiday.
For those not in the USA … Have a great week!

Thank You.
The Practically Wisdom Blog Team.

Shoot... I forgot to come back and post on the original. I guess I will just have to feel good that I guessed all the answers correctly. Sorry about the car thing... that stinks, and sounds a lot like my luck.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry about the family stuff :( Hope you are handling it okay.

I think I forgot to comment, but they were all so out there, I igured they were all true. Lame about the cat.

I don't think there are cat leash laws. I remember seeing something on tv about that once (and you know everything you see on tv is true, right?) and that dogs can be leashed and fenced, but cats don't have to be. You might want to check your local ordinance on that.

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