Crap-Now With More Bling!

Posted by Felicia on 12:37 PM
With relatives from California flying in on Friday for the holidays I have been busy at my grandmother's house cleaning out the spare room so people can actually habitate. My grandmother moved here in May and threw a lot of boxes in here to make room until such time that she could go through them all. We don't really have time to go through them all right now, but we manages to open a few of them to see if there was anything pertinent we needed. I found nothing pertinent, but I DID find a lot of funny and/or cool things. Such as....

A Pet Rock circa 1975. Nuh-hice!

I never had one of these and I can only imagine people bought these as gag gifts because....a rock? Really?? The thing that cracks me up is that she KEPT it!!

I pity the fool!!!!
Seriously, how cool is this? I loved Mr. T in the 80s.

Who could forget The "Fonz"
This one has genuine thumbs up action! lol She plans on selling these and many more on Ebay. I kind of want them. Am I weird? lol

This last thing just confused me. It's hideous for one, no confusion about that, but who did she buy it for?? That better not be my christmas gift. Haha.

I had to tell my mom.

" Mom! Come here and look at this!" I say quietly

" What is it? It's awful.", she says with a look of bewilderment on her face.

" Oh you're telling me! Haha Why does she buy this crap?", I say laughing.

Just then my grandmother walks down the hallway and appears at the door. My mom grabs the bag and shows it to her.

"What is this Mom?" my mom says holding the bag up.

"It's a bling." my grandmother says matter-of-factly.

" A WHAT??" I say sounding surprised and amused.

" You know. What all the girls buy. A bag or a purse. A bling bling." she says exasperatedly

This is when I started laughing.
My mom then says, " Oh thank God. I thought you bought yourself a sequined halter top."

And that's when I lost it completely.

Generation gap understanding of slang= FAIL

I'm still laughing.



i think the day my mother referred to her "bling bling" was the day the music died. i told her to please never say such a thing again, and if she felt she must, then stick to one "bling."

bling bling.


Oh, "A Bling Bling." Hilar!

LMAO With the exception of the sequin bag, she could probably sell that stuff on ebay and get herself even more bling bling. I remember when those bags were actually "in style". My daughter got a hot pink one at the mall and all of her friends had them. They only wore them for about 6 months, until they all realized how hideous they truly were. The shortest lived fashion trend I've seen so far.

Tee hee! I love your grandmother! Bling bling! That's like when I asked my mom if she knew what an MP3 player was, and she paused for a really long time before saying, "iiiiiPooood," in this weird voice, like it was in a foreign language. And not "Oh, you mean like an iPod?" Just the one word: :iiiiiPoooood. hahaha!

oh my gosh that's hilarious!!

Thank goodness you explained it was a bag. Because when I looked at the photo, I thought to myself "OMG is that a TANK TOP?!?!?" Not that it's a whole lot better as a bag, just not as 'corner of Washinton & 5th' (or whatever the local hangout is for the 'working girls') as it would be if it was a tank top! :-)

Seriously though - I think I would have peed my pants laughing if i was present in the room when this conversation took place. I damn near did sitting here in my computer chair!

I thought it was a tank top at first, too! Not that a bag is much better ... LOL

And, wow, a Mr. T and Fonzie doll? That rocks!!

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