Note Worthy

Posted by Felicia on 10:05 AM
Since becoming a parent I have always been searching for ways to effectively communicate with my child so that we had a solid foundation of respect and mutual understanding of each other. I have come to find out even more how important it is to be able to talk to your child especially as they get older.
Since Colin was diagnosed with ADHD last year I have become even more aware of this need to communicate in ways that would work better for him. One of these ways was in notes. I figured if I wrote it down he would have a tangible reminder of things he needed to do or know. I would write down his chores, remind him of appointments, and even tell him I love him, because who doesn't love to see it in writing? As a result of this Colin has taken this and run with it. He now writes his own notes to me. FOR ANYTHING.

This note he wrote and stuck on the bathroom door. It says, " OFF LIMITS! DO NOT GO IN! IMPORTANT BUSINESS BEING DONE. THIS MEANS YOU MOM A.K.A. MC LEESH." And he drew a little stick figure on the toilet. Nice. Classy. Effective. Hilarious.

This next one came about because I told him to find the yellow envelope for a birthday card. He starts a conversation on it and then gives me a follow up note on the progress. lol

This note was on my desk this morning. To charge his MP3 player and look at pictures of the cat he took. AT 6AM this morning.

This kid is sometimes so cute I want to eat him up and crush him with hugs and chap his skin with kisses. He makes me laugh and makes me realize that maybe I'm not doing as bad of a job raising him as I thought. lol
*Post script* He left the milk out of the fridge all night.*sigh* I'm writing him a note!



These are darling. I especially love that he signs the bottom one with his FULL name, lest you confuse him with a different boy named Colin.

That is awesome!!! And he spelled "hilarious" correctly. Mucho impressed.

When Riley was having a hard time adjusting to her new school, I put a card in her lunch box that said "I love you" (and some other mushy stuff). She loved that so much!

Love the notes... to cute! What a great kid you have.

Jen-He's a crack up. Last name...no kidding. He must think I'm heading into early stages of Alzheimer's. lol

My kid is certifiable...lol

LOL! Oh, Colin, you are Made of Awesome and smothered in Awesome Sauce.

He is a riot! What a hoot! Even better is that something that was probably once viewed as being an evil necessity, has now become fun and memory making! :-)

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